Empowering Brands to Build Better Digital Experiences

InMoment brings a unique combination of the right data, technology, and strategic intelligence for experience improvement by collecting, analyzing, and taking action on feedback coming from different channels—survey feedback, chatbot engagements, call center interactions, and social channels. Contentsquare’s platform provides an additional set of digital experience analytics capabilities that let teams easily turn data and insights into better web and mobile app experiences.

Why Brands Are Adding Digital Experience Analytics to Their CX Programs

A Company Website Is a Powerful Customer Influencer

Your website can and is a powerful thing when it comes to your overall customer experience so don’t waste time not knowing what your customers journey looks like on your website or mobile app. The knowledge opportunity is endless.

A Great Way to Uncover Business Opportunity

Understand your biggest path opportunities and issues in minutes. Get insight into merchandising and pricing analysis, and how price changes at your competitors impact your success. Easy to use dashboards let you automatically surface your biggest opportunities in seconds–so you can get them to the people who care about them most.

Identify Digital Journey Struggles to Resolve Issues Fast

Find technical and UX root causes before issues significantly impact your bottom line. Identify key online journeys and how to improve them using zone-based website heatmaps to see engagement, confusion, and frustration. Within the XI Platform you are able to make your selections to view a subset of respondents (for example detractors) and view their digital experience through Session replay.

Join over 700 brands across all major verticals and geographies, driving millions of consumer interactions per day, who trust the Contentsquare platform.


InMoment has partnered with Contentsquare to bring together experience improvement technology and strategic services expertise with digital analytics for every digital role, from marketers to product managers to IT. 

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