A Journey-Led Approach to Experience Improvement

InMoment brings a unique combination of data, technology, and strategic intelligence to experience improvement. inQuba is a technology leader in Customer Journey Analytics and Orchestration. Together, InMoment and inQuba help drive growth and retention by putting customer experience at the center of all you do.

Visualize Actual Customer Journeys

Get the behavior-based context you need to prioritize improvements and optimize experience across the journey. inQuba uses existing business data from each step of your customers’ journeys to create a real-time, omnichannel journey visualization. All experiential, customer, segment and channel data is quickly organized to provide an end-to-end view, so that you can easily discover where customers are dropping away, and the size and characteristics of the cohort that is struggling.

Customer sentiment data in the InMoment XI platform provides the “why” behind behavior by cohort and at journey touchpoints. With inQuba you can zoom into individual journeys associated with this sentiment and zoom out to see the size of the cohort that is stalled.

For instance, detractor customers who stall on a credit card application process may express frustration with the lack of communication, and personalized, context-specific interventions could offer them the information they need in order to progress.

Hyper-Personalized Communications Nudge Customers Forward and Help Them Reach their Goals

This real-time, AI-powered journey orchestration has been shown to double customer conversion at key steps of customers’ journeys, thereby boosting conversion and return on investment in CX improvement. Using a credit card application example, a nudge could prompt stalling customers by proactively offering information that addresses confusion by clarifying what the next step is. A nudge may also offer the option of personal support where human contact would assist the client to move forward.

Benefits include:

• Tracking of individual customer journeys
• An emotional overlay of customer sentiment
• The ability to anticipate behavior through visual analytics and machine learning
• Journey optimization for conversion
• The ability to address important business challenges such as acquisition, retention, conversion and customer insight.

Customer Journey Management: The InQuba Approach

How InMoment + InQuba Deliver Business Impact

Use case: Boosting customer conversion to grow revenue & improve NPS
InMoment VoC data reveals the root cause behind customers stalling on their journeys. These stall points are illustrated within inQuba Journey Analytics. inQuba then nudges customers to take the next step with nudges and real-time interventions. These insights allow the businesses to develop a targeted plan to address issues and improve conversion.

Use case: Measuring & improving experiences at every step to reduce churn
InMoment VoC measures the customer experience during the servicing process. inQuba Journey Management then engages with customers proactively and contextually, keeping them updated on progress, intelligently offering self-service options, and resolving issues more quickly. Overall improvement in first-contact resolution, customer experience and customer satisfaction leads to improved retention.

Use case: improving client engagement & loyalty by guiding emotion
InMoment VoC data reveals customers’ sentiment at different stages of their journey. inQuba’s digital interventions or “nudges” collect insight on how members engage and what information they need at what steps. Insights allow businesses to leverage customer emotion to increase engagement throughout the customer journey. Interventions are also used to help clients become familiar with self-service facilities, which increases engagement and reduces operational support costs. This results in an improvement in loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Use Case: Use Journey Analytics to engage in digital self-service & reduce real costs
inQuba Journey Analytics reveals the areas of the customer journey where customers are getting stuck or losing momentum while trying to reach their goals. Digital nudges can offer contextual assistance and information that will help customers to progress at various points. This reduces the dependency on human resources to offer the same.

Use Case: Calculate return on CX efforts
inQuba measures changes in aggregate consumer behavior that result from nudges or process improvements. For example: digital interventions that offer strategic assistance and information can be launched against a cohort and results compared to a test group. The improvement in CX or conversion would then be tied directly to the interventions applied.

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