Quantum Metric

Operationalize Direct and Indirect Customer Feedback

The InMoment and Quantum Metric solution combines online and offline data to provide immediate visibility into the drivers behind customer sentiment and critical moments in the customer journey.

InMoment brings a unique combination of data, technology, and strategic intelligence for experience improvement by aggregating all of your verbatim customer feedback—call center interactions, chatbot engagement, survey feedback, and text analytics— and measures sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent. Those learnings are then paired in Quantum Metric with digital Session Replay and root cause analysis to quantify the business impact.

Quantify Friction

Prioritize Feedback Based on Impact

Use your customer feedback and user session models to prioritize the issues that impact revenue, reputation, and your customers’ experiences. From any individual survey or microsurvey you can quantify the overall impact on conversion, numbers of users affected, and annual opportunity.

How do we do it? InMoment implements digital intercept for feedback & text analytics to understand customer sentiment and intent and Quantum Metric will then instantly run a look-alike model to understand the scope of any issue.

Capture 100% of user sessions, not just the activity of customers who leave feedback

Real-Time Action

Turn Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights

Gather well-timed feedback based on behavioral indicators. With real-time webhooks, you can trigger a survey when a customer shows high engagement or frustration at key points of the customer journey.

How do we do it? InMoment deploys contextual surveys working with Quantum Metric to monitor behavior and sentiment indicators in real-time.

Capture and analyze the voice of the customer—across web,social, mobile, contact center and more—all in real-time

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