Augment Your CX Program With Voice-Based Call Center Conversation Data

InMoment brings a unique combination of data, technology, and strategic intelligence for experience improvement and combined with Tethr’s best-in-class conversational analytics we deliver an in-depth 360 view of the customer.

Together, we offer an omni-channel CX program approach that includes voice-based call center conversations directly in your customer experience program so you can capture deeper customer intelligence to drive better business decisions and ultimately improve business performance.

Create Deeper Customer Intelligence

Integrate All Feedback for a 360 View of the Customer

Studies show that a multi-channel approach to feedback provides a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences. To do this, businesses need to combine their real-time voice-based conversations with other customer data like online feedback from websites, social, reviews, or email and mobile device surveys or microsurveys.

Leverage Conversations Within Your Closed Loop Program

Use your call center conversations to score every interaction for effort and agent impact making it easy to identify agent opportunities for closed loop. Customer case management turns intelligence into actions so you can immediately follow up with high-risk customers and feed case information back into your CX solution to drive necessary change.

Identify Call Center Coaching Opportunities

Improve the customer experience beyond the call center by leveraging the contact center data interaction intelligence by leveraging this dynamic real-time feedback channel to coach and train your employees. 

Bring Your CX and Conversation Feedback to Life

Dashboards and reports if done correctly can help you seamlessly integrate, intuitively explore, and continuously act on all of your CX intelligence in one place. Even better, our dashboards and reports make it incredibly easy for every person and department to highlight and focus on the information that is most important to them and their world.

A true experience improvement program is much bigger than just listening to customers at one point in their journey. InMoment partners with Tethr to provide this additional insight opportunity of voice-based call center conversations right in the XI Platform so you truly see what your customers are saying at every experience. 

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