Rewards for Customer Experience Program CX
White Paper

What to Consider When Adding a Reward Component to Your Customer Experience Program

Recently, more of our clients have considered adding a significant reward component to their customer experience (CX) programs. This component may be executed by directly rewarding CX outcomes or by adding them to an existing reward-based incentive program.

There’s a lot to think about if you are considering combining reward or compensation components with your CX program. For starters, your program will come under much more scrutiny and participants will care much more about it. Participants, especially those who do not achieve a reward, may also challenge your program. This is why the process of setting, communicating, and enforcing program rules (i.e., program governance), becomes very important.

Now let’s look at five specific things you’ll need to consider if you plan to incorporate CX results into your incentive rewards program (or if you plan to directly reward CX outcomes).

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