Voice of Customer

What is Voice of Customer (VoC)?

Voice of Customer is a practice used to further understand the customer’s hopes, wants, and concerns.

Why does it matter?

Today’s competition is fierce. With so much information readily available, price, products, and services can all be duplicated—turning what was once an advantage into a commodity.

According to Gartner, “Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield.” To stand out in the crowd it is imperative to understand the customer journey. Their unique perspective can help your business detect problems before they arise, generate new ideas for products, and most importantly understand customer touchpoints. Any business looking to get ahead should integrate a VoC program that is useful for employees across the board.

How InMoment Can Enhance Your VoC Program

As leaders in VoC we know the key to an exceptional customer experience is open, honest feedback. Your customers are your greatest resource for information, and they want to be heard.


Customers will tell their stories when you make the process simple for them to do so where, when, and how they choose. While some vendors limit the ways customers can provide their feedback — our philosophy is to continue to offer MORE options for companies to connect with their customers. Whether it is through social media, a mobile device, or a traditional customer satisfaction survey, we provide customers with the opportunity to voice their thoughts in their preferred way.

Taking these steps results in high response rates as well as rich, accurate customer data.


Customer stories come in a variety of forms — from numbers and scores, to comments, social reviews, and transactional data. InMoment applies a collection of industry-leading technologies in tandem with our own proprietary tools to surface the most authentic and important stories from all types of data. Quickly understand what your customers are looking for from specific locations, regions, or company-wide.


Once customer stories are collected and actionable insights are surfaced, the InMoment platform packages them for sharing inside the company organization to drive high-impact actions, and outside the organization via social networks.

Insights shared with employees can serve as motivation and as guideposts in future interactions with customers.

Customer feedback that is publicly displayed demonstrates a willingness to listen and be transparent. In addition, this allows customers themselves to advocate for your business.


Understanding customers requires effort and a plan. A VoC program allows customers to feel heard and understood. This also supplies companies with actionable insights to be acted upon to improve the customer journey. Companies that take the time to implement and maintain a Voice of Customer program will stand out in the crowd.

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