3 Things That Happen When You Level up Your Customer Strategy from Mystery Shopping to a CX Program

In a world where e-commerce is constantly evolving, more and more traditional quality assessment strategies are becoming obsolete. Even though mystery shopping was once the standard approach to assessing service, new technology proves itself to be more effective and more reliable.

Your organization needs an all-encompassing customer experience (CX) strategy that grants you peripheral views of customer service shortcomings, as well as insights into the most critical lines of your business. InMoment’s latest white paper, Why a Customer Experience Program is More Powerful Than Mystery Shopping,” details what intelligent technology can do that mystery shopping simply cannot. 

The Benefits of Adopting a Holistic CX Program 

Improving the customer experience doesn’t just affect the customer. Your organization can leverage the insights gained from newly implemented technology to make meaningful, transformative business decisions. Here are a few improvements that a holistic approach to feedback can drive for your business: 

#1: You can more closely assess your CX program, and make strategy adjustments as needed.  

Reviews from mystery shopping companies and other traditional modes of quality assessment tend to accumulate over time. Without having direct and instant access to CX results and reviews, odds are your business will make the same mistakes over and over again, negatively impacting customer experiences. 

But with instant real-time access to results, your organization can quickly and efficiently assess information, making necessary strategy adjustments. InMoment’s XI Platform is comprised of three clouds: the CX Cloud, the Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, and the Market Experience (MX) Cloud. The platform garners different types of data formats, including real-time survey responses, analytics, reporting and alerts that deliver immediate results. With this modern technology in place, these clouds can be used individually, or combined to deliver insights from the most critical lines of your business

#2 Your CX and performance data is carefully and optimally organized. 

Not all businesses are the same, so their CX strategies shouldn’t be either. You need a platform that is flexible enough to support all different types of executives within every area of your organization. With a scalable architecture, data can be obtained, stored, organized and distributed to the right people, at the right time, so that everyone gets the relevant insights they need in their roles—from executives to marketing, and HR. 

Additionally, intelligent automation tools can provide external and internal improvements for both customers and employees. For example, InMoment’s XI Platform allows companies to incorporate tried-and-true feedback (like surveys) in a way that doesn’t complicate processes for customers. The insights and results are received in real-time, allowing companies to respond to feedback and implement changes much faster.

#3 You’ll increase your organization’s revenue and performance. 

Among all the other benefits, an intelligent CX strategy also increases the overall performance and reputation of your organization—and results in a better bottom line. Here are just a few notable numbers achieved through a holistic customer experience strategy: 

  • $23 million in potential revenue one InMoment client gained after implementing a closed-loop system. These kinds of customer improvements can help your company identify and retain at-risk customers, in addition to acquiring new ones.  
  • 3.6x more money customers who have great experiences with a brand are more likely to spend with that brand. With the right CX strategy in place, the payoff will come quickly. 
  • 3% increase in CX-fueled revenue. According to Forrester reports, happy customers account for about a 3% bump in revenue potential in most industries. 

Leveling up your customer experience strategy has both quantitative and qualitative benefits for the entire organization. In a highly competitive market, staying ahead is key to staying on top. To learn more about how our XI Platform can take your CX program to the next level, download our white paper, Why a Customer Experience Program is More Powerful Than Mystery Shopping here.

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