5 Quotable Client Stories for CX Day

Happy CX Day! We hope you’re taking advantage of today and celebrating your customer experience efforts.

Wherever you are on your CX journey, it is always helpful to share stories and hear from other companies on the same path to customer experience success. With this in mind, I’ve gathered some quotes from our CX Spotlight video series to share and discuss with you.


“We actually consider [open-ended feedback] to be the most valuable feedback that we get. Although scores are important, when we hear something specific from the guests, that’s very valuable and we can either go back and make a correction or reinforce the behavior that wowed our guest.” — Jeff Jacobson, Chief Operating Officer at Costa Vida

Customer Experience is more than just the sum of your scores; it’s your unstructured data that can give you the best idea of how you are doing as a company. Even more so, it’s the open-ended feedback Jeff mentioned that will give you the actionable insights you need to truly make a difference.


“It’s one thing to say, ‘hey, we provide great guest service and we welcome people’ here and there. Everyone can say it and you could potentially use profits or sales to understand if you’re really performing, but until you have a good feedback system and listen and understand what your guests are saying, I’m not sure how you can attach those two things together.” — Helmuth Mayer, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Dave & Buster’s

When it comes down to it, every business strives for consistently satisfied customers. CX programs help you to bridge the gap between data and results, telling you what the key drivers are for your business and therefore, where you should place your efforts.


“Our customers are directly telling us what’s important, and I think that really helps the team to focus our energies… it’s the comments from the customer that are important.” — Cathy Dages, Customer Support Supervisor at KARL STORZ Endoskope

Every business has an idea of what their customers want, but without feedback, it’s hard to know if those supposed standards reflect what customers truly want. By keeping open dialogue with your customers through a VoC program, your picture of your customer is 100% correct, because you are getting your facts from the source.


“The catalyst [for implementing a CX program] was really the end of our mystery shopping program. The one store, one visit per month had run its course. It just wasn’t productive enough and there was too much technology out there to give feedback.” — John Heatherington, International Operations Manager at Marks & Spencer

Mystery shopping is helpful at gaining specific insights from one location on one day, but it is hard to derive actionable insights for overall business objectives from one instance. With VoC programs, you can survey mass amounts of data from multiple locations at multiple times to get a 360° view of how your customer experience efforts are really going.


“We are always surprised at what our customers are telling us. With the surveys, what we found out was the certain words that the customers were looking for were very different than the words we had in mind for that specific moment… this information helps us to react [to client expectations] quicker.” — Alexa Larsson, Senior Retail Operations Manager at The North Face

The whole purpose of collecting customer data is to predict customer demand so you can meet them. Every moment matters, so knowing what your customers want to hear in each touchpoint with your brand is pivotal to CX success!

We consider our clients to be CX heroes, and so when we celebrate CX Day, we celebrate all the work they’ve put in and the lessons they’ve learned in their pursuit of positive customer experience.

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