Because CX Surveys Just Aren’t Enough: Why We’re Investing in InMoment

Coming to Madison Dearborn Partners from Nielsen — one of the largest data companies in the world — I knew the future of data was really in analytics. It used to be that owning third-party market data gave companies a competitive edge. Today, most organizations are awash in data, and the real opportunity is integrating large and disparate types of data using advanced analytics techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems very differently.  

This is especially relevant in the fast-growing area of customer experience, where understanding customers and what you can do to drive increased loyalty is everything. Most vendors try to do this with traditional surveys. In light of the multidimensional relationship brands now have with their customers, that isn’t enough.  

InMoment stands out among other vendors because of their approach to both the data and analytics side of customer understanding. In launching the XI Platform, the company made its vision of moving from basic insights to true intelligence, real — bringing valuable first-party data together with social and operational data, and then applying advanced analytics all in a single environment.  

The game of customer experience will ultimately change.  And it will not be toward more surveys, but beyond surveys.

We believe InMoment has the right team, the right vision, and is at the right time in its development to become a positive, disruptive force and fundamentally change the way companies understand their customers.

As a strategic partner, Madison Dearborn Partners is here to help accelerate InMoment’s path to scale, helping the company move even faster and take even bigger leaps toward this objective.

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John Lewis Executive Chairman

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