Three Steps Chevron Federal Credit Union Took to Reinvigorate its CX Program

Chevron Federal Credit Union

Stagnant NPS scores. Data silos. Slow response rates. Chevron Federal Credit Union realized it needed a change. As a not-for-profit, member-owned organization, Chevron Federal Credit Union’s mission is to provide the highest level of personalized service to customers. But when it became difficult to effectively measure and improve experiences, Chevron Federal Credit Union partnered with InMoment to create a holistic strategy for its customer service initiatives—and were able to power some incredible results.

Here are the three steps Chevron Federal Credit Union took to reinvigorate its customer experience (CX) program:

Step #1: Streamline Surveys to Align CX Objectives Across the Business

Instead of sending surveys irregularly without a clear plan, Chevron Federal Credit Union began to streamline its surveys for a more integrated approach. Developing and sequencing surveys takes preparation, so this meant Chevron Federal Credit Union had to align its many business sections to set a precedent for consistent survey sendouts. Even though the surveys were unique to its department, Chevron Federal Credit Union’s partnership with InMoment gave them the opportunity to combine data from across the board. This holistic view of their data allowed them to understand how different sources of information were informing one another and telling a greater story.

Step #2: Implement Advanced Text Analytics to Enable Closed Loop Feedback

To enable closed loop feedback, Chevron Federal Credit Union implemented the technology platform’s advanced text analytics capabilities. This allowed the organization to capitalize on the data collected from the new survey approach. With the ability to automatically collect, normalize, and analyze open-ended survey responses as well as online comments and reviews, Chevron Federal Credit Union was able to immediately identify the areas in which to take action. Unified survey management and customized dashboards could support all of Chevron Federal Credit Union’s customer experience objectives going forward—and so the next step was obvious.

Step #3: Turn Member Feedback into Experience Improvement

With more than 110,000 members in eight states, how do you turn survey data and feedback into efficient action? Chevron Federal Credit Union integrated the platform with the Salesforce case management solution so that the right people would be instantly notified whenever a customer gave a low survey score. Before it’s partnership with InMoment, it took Chevron Federal Credit Union a few weeks to process survey data and present that information to front-line managers and employees. Now, case management allows for actionable responses within the same day a survey is submitted. Having a reliable follow-up procedure helps Chevron Federal Credit Union maintain its vision to provide members with the quality service that keeps them coming back year after year.

Making Meaningful, Long-term Improvements

Chevron Federal Credit Union overcame customer experience problems many businesses struggle with: turning survey metrics to meaning, systematizing structured and unstructured data, and providing excellent customer support.

Here’s what Chevron Federal Credit Union’s President and CEO John Berlin had to say:

“We realized that to improve our NPS score and other metrics, we needed to move beyond the basic survey tools we’d been using to create a more modern, cohesive, and data-driven customer experience program. This was a big, ambitious step for us, so we knew we would also need an experienced, capable CX partner to help us get there.”

This success story can be your success story too. Read the full case study to learn more.

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