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Three CX Strategy Webinars to Ramp Up Your Program

After a year of quarantine, brands had a lot of gaps to fill in their customer experience (CX) programs. Most businesses around the world seemed to be asking, “what’s changed or stayed the same for our customers?” It’s fair to say that we all learned a few crucial lessons within the past year(s) about the shift in customer expectations and needs—and we’ve strived to put our learnings into a few CX strategy webinars.

To inspire you and your team’s efforts to improve experiences—for customers,  employees, and beyond—we’ve pulled together a quick recap of our latest and most viewed CX strategy webinars. Sit back, relax, schedule time on your calendar (maybe even during your lunch break) and get inspired by tips and tricks from the industry influencers and experts.

Goldilocks and the CX Paradigm: Too Little, Too Much, Just Right

There’s a thin line between what’s too much, too little, or just right when it comes to CX programs. So first up on our list is a CX strategy webinar about how your program needs a precise balance to deliver the intelligence your team needs to make informed decisions. Graham Tutton (InMoment) and Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian (Forrester) discussed topics such as how to build an ROI model for your CX program and what you should focus on if you think your CX program isn’t perfect yet. 

And they also answered a few questions from CX professionals throughout the presentation. For example:

Q: What Metrics Can You Use to Determine Industry and Organizational Maturity?

A: There are three questions you should ask yourself first.

  • Are you measuring a customer experience—and is it satisfaction or NPS—or a metric that’s meaningful to the goal you’re trying to accomplish?
  • What are you doing with it? How are the metrics of operations, be it call-center, first-contact resolution, field services, or retail, etc. used? 
  • From an employee side, are you doing something beyond your classic employee engagement study. Do you have an employee pulse metric by division, region, or queue?

Now, is there a one size fits all metric that determines maturity? No. It’s best to go back to your organization and determine what your specific goals are and then that will determine the appropriate metrics to leverage.

How to Win the “Make or Break” Moments in the SaaS Customer Journey

In every SaaS customer journey, there’s a make or break point. You could either lose a customer or win them over. And cracking the digital puzzle is no easy feat. We invited Jessica Pfeifer and Rita Balgeman (InMoment) to teach folks how to optimize customer journeys. 

This webinar covered four main topics with a Q&A at the end:

  • Why “Make or Break”?
  • The Four Touchpoints in the SaaS Customer Journey
  • Taking Immediate Action: Sustainable Strategy for Customer Follow-up
  • Taking Strategic Action: Insights from Touchpoint Data

One of the strategies Pfeifer explained is to have a single-account view of feedback in a customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard. This way you can drive business alignment and action for your sales, success, and marketing teams. Moving the right pieces in the right places like this can be a game-changer for your CX program.

Find out the other secrets to winning these moments when you watch the webinar!

CX Transformation: The Key to a Truly Valuable Program

Last but definitely not least, is a guide to transforming your experience program. Maybe the problem isn’t finding the right ways to invest in customer experience or perfecting your customer journey step-by-step. Maybe you need to zoom out and reconsider whether your experience framework is really pushing the envelope. That’s what Eric Smuda and Alexandra Gibson (InMoment) go into by fleshing out three common elements in transformational CX programs.

The first element is a proper governance structure. Customers don’t care how your business is organized, they care whether their needs are being met. Your job is to cut across these various departments and close the gaps between silos so that there’s an efficient rhythm to the experience you’re providing. Your company may not be doing this well enough and if that’s the case, it’s worth investigating.

Watch the webinar to hear more!

Your brand can take these lessons into the next year to drive more growth and success for your experience program. Of course, there will be many more opportunities to learn more in the new year

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