Don’t Ban Equality: InMoment Takes a Stand for Our Employees

This month, InMoment took a stand against policies that hinder people’s health, independence, and ability to fully succeed in the workplace by joining Don’t Ban Equality

The Don’t Ban Equality statement was created in response to states passing bans restricting access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion. InMoment is proud to join 650+ globally respected companies in signing this pledge, including Lyft, Nordstrom, Twilio, Yelp, Zendesk, H&M, lululemon, and Etsy. 

Why We Signed the Pledge

Last fall, InMoment established its Inclusion & Diversity statement, grounded in our operational authenticity. In a business built on listening and action, we will drive our culture and growth in a way that celebrates our differences and advocates for inclusion and equity. Joining Don’t Ban Equality was an opportunity for us to put this commitment into action.

Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare is central to gender equity and women’s full participation in the workplace. For InMoment, restricting access to healthcare is not only at odds with our company’s commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity but also may affect our ability to deliver the greatest value to our customers. 

While we respect that our diverse workforce—and the customers we serve—have a range of views on this topic, InMoment will continue to advocate to protect the rights of our employees, not limit them. 

Our position is aligned with majority public opinion. In recent polling, 60 percent of Americans stated that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade and three-quarters said abortion decisions should be left to women and their doctors. Additionally, roughly 7 in 10 respondents (69%) say access to reproductive health care, including abortion, should be part of the issues companies address when it comes to gender issues in the workplace, according to a recent poll by PerryUndem. 

Our company, communities, and economy improve when everyone is empowered to succeed.

If you want to learn more about the “Don’t Ban Equality” pledge here. You can read more about InMoment’s commitment to inclusion and diversity here.

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