5 Reasons To Get Tickets to the 2023 XI Forum Sydney or Singapore!

It’s that time of year again! XI Forum Sydney and Singapore are back and this year, they’re jam-packed with hands-on demonstrations, workshops, and interactive opportunities to help you extract tangible value from our speakers, as well as gain applicable knowledge for your experience program. 

Here are five reasons why you should save your spot today:

Reason #1: Implement ‘Integrated CX’ for Your Brand

What is integrated CX? Not only is this the theme of our upcoming XI Forums, but it’s also InMoment’s approach to help businesses take action on their customer experience initiatives to ultimately deliver measurable business outcomes. 

Integrated CX connects critical aspects of a successful customer experience, including:

  • Integrated Signals: Bringing together the voice of customers and not-yet customers across the full customer journey from surveys, chats, reviews, calls, etc.
  • Integrated Insights: Delivering both leading innovative technology and strategic expertise to deliver ROI
  • Integrated Action: The ultimate goal is to eliminate any and all silos that exist in many companies, facilitating a coordinated, data-driven approach to prioritising which action will get your business the best results

Discover what integrated signals, integrated insights, and integrated actions can do for your experience program.

Reason #2: Learn From Award-Winning Speakers

The 2023 speaker line up has been announced and the content is more practical than ever. Joining us on stage, we have:

  • InMoment’s Chief Product Officer, Sandeep Garg taking delegates through how integrated CX applies to your experience program
  • Craveable Brand’s Chief Customer Officer, Jess Gill will share Oporto, Red Rooster, and Chicken Treat’s journey to shift their culture toward customer centricity and the wins they’ve had as a result. 
  • Downer New Zealand’s National Customer Experience and Marketing Manager, Scott Wilson and HR Business Partner, Jake Barker. Together, they will share how these two business units work together to make experiences better for both customers AND employees.  
  • Aesop’s Voice of the Customer Global Program Manager, Jason Katsambiris will take delegates through what it takes to run a global VoC program across different languages, cultures, and markets— designing a program that ingests and makes sense of linguistically dispersed customer signals to enable customer engagement at scale.
  • Fonterra’s VoC Program Manager, Roshena de Leon. Through embedding an integrated experience program, Roshena will share with delegates her experience driving CX collaboration across teams, using simple frameworks to drive sustainable change.
  • Commonwealth Super Corporation’s Customer Experience and Insights Manager, Katie Bogg, will host a workshop designed to give you hands-on experience on getting your program noticed from frontline employees, buy-in from C-suite executives, gaining momentum for customer-led initiatives, and anchoring your program around an elevator pitch for experience improvement success. 
  • legalsuper’s Data, Insights, and CX Manager, Eslam Affifi—after winning last year’s CX Award for using data to unlock customer insights, Eslam will help you understand the “why” behind your program, and the challenges that legalsuper overcame to build out its experience improvement program.
  • InMoment’s Director of Experience Improvement, Josh Marans will teach delegates how InMoment launched our own internal award-winning experience improvement program, and the mistakes you can avoid when launching yours.

Reason #3: Network With Your Peers

Network with 100+ senior CX practitioners from the region’s leading brands. That’s right—there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new people and create new connections throughout the day and learn from their unique experiences. 

Reason #4: The Conference Is More Practical Than Ever

XI Forum Sydney and Singapore have a reputation for being the most practical conference in the APAC region. The conference is designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of Australia’s best performing experience programs, and take learnings from the experts to apply to your program from day one. You will discover CX resources, client stories, frameworks, and methodologies that will be revealed to delegates for the first time. 

Reason #5: We’re Coming to a City Near You! 

This year we’ve added another location to the XI Forum APAC tour—we’ll be visiting Sydney and Singapore! 

What are you waiting for? We would love to have you join us at one of these locations:

XI Forum Sydney: 15th March 2023

XI Forum Singapore: 24th March 2023

Any questions we didn’t answer here? Reach out to infoapac@inmoment.com

We’re Making a List…Wrapping Up 2022 With Five InMoment Highlights You Won’t Want to Miss!

As people gather this time of year to reminisce and look toward the future together, everyone at InMoment agrees that 2022 brought some XI-ting adventures! It’s thrilling to embark on another promising year, and we want to ring in 2023 with a recap of our top five InMoment Highlights from the last 12 months. 

Five of Our Favorite InMoment Highlights From 2022:

  • #5: InMoment Appoints Executive Chairman John Lewis as Chief Executive Officer
  • #4: InMoment Demonstrates Commitment to Disability Inclusion With the Industry’s First Accessibility Compliance
  • #3: InMoment Acquires Leading Customer Review Management Company ReviewTrackers
  • #2: InMoment Named a Leader in People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Report for Q2, 2022
  • #1: CX Program—Elevate—Wins International Customer Experience Awards

#5: InMoment Appoints Executive Chairman John Lewis as Chief Executive Officer 

This year, we welcomed a familiar friend as our brand new CEO. John Lewis, who has served over the past few years as InMoment’s Executive Chairman, brings deep expertise in the information services and software analytics sectors, as well as significant experience transforming and scaling rapidly growing businesses. 

In his role as Global President of Nielsen Holdings, Lewis oversaw businesses comprising approximately two thirds of the company’s overall revenue, helping to accelerate revenue growth and enhanced profitability in those segments and for the company as a whole. His relevant industry expertise and experience leading global organizations will enable InMoment to continue to execute on its growth strategy, while enhancing its ability to help clients around the world integrate customer signals and transform their customer outcomes.

#4: InMoment Demonstrates Commitment to Disability Inclusion With the Industry’s First Accessibility Compliance

At InMoment, we’re committed to creating a more inclusive world for everyone, and that’s why we’re especially proud of this one. This year, we achieved compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), becoming the first experience management solution to achieve this milestone.  

WCAG compliance means digital content is accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, including  accommodations for blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing impairments, speech disabilities, limited movements and more. The InMoment platform is fully WCAG 2.0 AA compliant in the areas of readability, contrast ratio, scalability, cognitive keyboard operation, and screen reader support.

#3: InMoment Acquires Leading Customer Review Management Company ReviewTrackers

 It’s exciting to look back and highlight the InMoment Acquisition of ReviewTrackers, an award-winning customer review management software company!  InMoment is the first experience company to extend customer insights, analytics, and action across the complete customer lifecycle. 

The companies joined forces to offer the unique ability to expand beyond surveys to include social ratings and reviews, access a larger share of customer voice, manage online reputation, and improve experiences at an unparalleled scale while driving authentic connections with customers. 

“Review and reputation management are central components of a broader customer experience ecosystem. At ReviewTrackers, we fundamentally believe that your brand’s success depends on your customer’s voice,” said Chris Campbell, CEO ReviewTrackers. “By joining InMoment, we have a remarkable opportunity to broaden the scope of our solutions and strengths to provide an integrated system that will help our clients better acquire and retain their customers.”  

#2 InMoment Named a Leader in People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Report for Q2, 2022

InMoment was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2, 2022. Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated 13 of the most significant text analytics vendors across 29 evaluation criteria, and named InMoment along with only four other vendors as a Leader in the evaluation. 

In its vendor profile of InMoment, Forrester states that the company’s acquisitions of MaritzCX in 2020 and Lexalytics in 2021 are “…paying off—the acquisitions beef up InMoment’s people-oriented text analytics capabilities and enable it to address all relevant use cases (beyond just VOC or CX analytics).” The report states “InMoment XI  is a solid choice for customers who want a platform with a well-balanced mix of knowledge and ML-based AI, the ability to deploy OOTB solutions quickly, and deep custom application development capabilities (especially for embedded analytics).”

#1: InMoment’s CX Program—Elevate—Wins International Customer Experience Awards

This year, Inmoment won three medals in the 2022 International Customer Experience Awards (ICXA), including silver medals in Best Measurement in Customer Experience and Best B2B Customer Experience Strategy and a bronze medal in Best B2B Customer Experience.

InMoment’s Elevate program is a robust Experience Improvement (XI) program that leverages customer and employee feedback data to inform business decisions. 

“Elevate provides valuable insights that inform key business decisions and automates action to improve our customers’ experiences.” Josh Marans, Director of Experience Improvement at InMoment, said, “It’s an honor to earn industry recognition for our differentiated approach to CX.”

InMoment is proud to have another fantastic year in the books and is looking boldly to 2023 as it continues to partner with the world’s best and brightest brands to improve experiences, break barriers, and create lasting business impact!

5 Things We Learned from EMEA Customer Experience Experts at XI Forum Europe

After nine EMEA customer experience experts, 200+ delegates, eight workshops, and hours of fun and networking at the colourful evening reception, it’s safe to say the XI Forum Europe was a success! 

We heard from award-winning CX speakers from some of Europe’s biggest brands—TRUMPF, ASOS, Brakes, Primark, Solus, BD Medical, NatWest and Euro Car Parts, as well as thought-provoking keynotes from InMoment Global Leader, CMO Kristi Knight, and Stan Swinford, CEO and Founder of NPSx by Bain & Company. Hosted over two days, attendees learned practical tips and best practices they can implement immediately into their experience programmes to elevate their experience programmes.

If you missed out on the event, don’t worry—here are five key takeaways you can use to apply to your experience programme today! 

5 Pieces of Advice from Our EMEA Customer Experience Experts

#1: Managing Experiences Is Not Enough—The Future Is Experience Improvement

InMoment’s Global CMO, Kristi Knight, took us through the evolution of customer experience (CX). Customer experience started out in the golden age of advertising, market research, and understanding consumers. Then, the internet was born, and online surveys were created to collect customer feedback in a timely manner. Next, we started managing experiences, and we recognised that the total experience a customer has is a collection of moments and interactions along their journey. 

The idea of simply “managing” metrics tells your business where you are and where you’ve been, not necessarily where you’re going. The future of customer experience is moving past managing experiences, to actually improving them through Experience Improvement (XI). 

#2: Create a Culture of Customer-Centricity by Adopting a Customer-First Mindset

EMEA customer experience experts from Brakes, Solus, BD Medical, and NatWest all noted the importance of building an internal culture within your company to educate your employees on the importance of putting the customer first. Providing colleagues with valuable insight and giving them recognition leads to better employee experience and engagement, which in turn leads to a greater customer experience. Frontline employees need strategic communication.

Changing cultures and mindsets to be more people focused can be tricky in certain industries, however, it’s important to keep everyone in the business updated on your CX efforts so they can truly see the difference you are making in the wider business. Through a customer-first mindset, cross-functional collaboration and silos can be broken down. Customer experience doesn’t belong to one team, it’s an organisational initiative that needs an aligned vision.

#3: Actions Speak Louder Than Words—Data Means Nothing Without Outcomes

The importance of closing the loop with customers and gaining actionable feedback was mentioned in nearly every presentation we heard! Put simply, “closing the loop” means following up with each dissatisfied customer to try and mitigate their negative experience. 

A closed feedback loop is not only important to the business, but also your customers; to the customer, not only are you letting them know you are listening, but you are also building a better relationship with them. For the business, you are resolving real-time issues by taking immediate action and creating positive change. 

#4: Understand and Predict Your Customers’ Behaviour by Utilising the Right Data, in the Right Way

Primark, Euro Car Parts, and TRUMPF touched on the subject of knowing your customer beyond just a score. In an omnichannel world, this can become increasingly difficult. However, by pulling in data from everywhere—such as social reviews, survey feedback, or demographical data—into one place, you are able to gain a clear picture of who your customer really is and how they feel about their experience with your brand.

And with this clear picture comes actionability—you will clearly understand which stages of the journey need improvement. Journey mapping allows you to identify all the behaviours and feelings throughout the entire customer journey. Not only does this allow you to identify areas for improvement, but also understand what’s working well to make experiences become more seamless and consistent in every touchpoint.

#5: Enrich the Lives of Your Customers—Great CX Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

In the last keynote of the day, EMEA customer experience expert Stan Swinton of Bain & Company left us with insightful advice. He noted that in today’s world, the best companies are creating shareholder value, delighting customers, and energising employees through a strategy of enriching customer lives. 

Great experiences are memorable ones which create an impact. When someone has a memorable experience, they will want to share it with others, and it will also stick with them when it comes time to purchase again. 

Think about your value proposition and what you can offer. Is there anything different that makes you special in the lives of my customers? Get to know your customer, understand what they like, what they don’t like, their history and who they are buying for. This way, you can also anticipate their needs. Spend time with your customers and experience what they experience for yourself.  

Great customer experience doesn’t need to be complicated. Every aspect of your business should reflect the purpose of your organisation and what you are trying to accomplish and solve for your customers.

Keep an eye out for more great content from XI Forum London in coming weeks, and check out the full post-event wrap up here!

Don’t Ban Equality: InMoment Takes a Stand for Our Employees

This month, InMoment took a stand against policies that hinder people’s health, independence, and ability to fully succeed in the workplace by joining Don’t Ban Equality

The Don’t Ban Equality statement was created in response to states passing bans restricting access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion. InMoment is proud to join 650+ globally respected companies in signing this pledge, including Lyft, Nordstrom, Twilio, Yelp, Zendesk, H&M, lululemon, and Etsy. 

Why We Signed the Pledge

Last fall, InMoment established its Inclusion & Diversity statement, grounded in our operational authenticity. In a business built on listening and action, we will drive our culture and growth in a way that celebrates our differences and advocates for inclusion and equity. Joining Don’t Ban Equality was an opportunity for us to put this commitment into action.

Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare is central to gender equity and women’s full participation in the workplace. For InMoment, restricting access to healthcare is not only at odds with our company’s commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity but also may affect our ability to deliver the greatest value to our customers. 

While we respect that our diverse workforce—and the customers we serve—have a range of views on this topic, InMoment will continue to advocate to protect the rights of our employees, not limit them. 

Our position is aligned with majority public opinion. In recent polling, 60 percent of Americans stated that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade and three-quarters said abortion decisions should be left to women and their doctors. Additionally, roughly 7 in 10 respondents (69%) say access to reproductive health care, including abortion, should be part of the issues companies address when it comes to gender issues in the workplace, according to a recent poll by PerryUndem. 

Our company, communities, and economy improve when everyone is empowered to succeed.

If you want to learn more about the “Don’t Ban Equality” pledge here. You can read more about InMoment’s commitment to inclusion and diversity here.

3 Highlights from Customer Experience Experts at the XI Forum Singapore

This year, the InMoment team put together the first ever XI Forum Singapore—and what a day it was! With 100 delegates and five customer experience experts from the leading brands in Southeast Asia, this day was one to remember.

On the main stage, customer experience experts from Alliance, HSBC, and Foot Locker taught delegates what to do to elevate their experience program. In case you missed it, here are three things you can apply to your own program to start seeing high impact.

3 Things Customer Experience Experts Had to Say at XI Forum Singapore

Highlight #1: For Customer Retention, Closing the Loop Is a Must

Put simply, “closing the loop” means following up with each dissatisfied customer to try and mitigate their negative experience. This is a big job, and typically has an entire team dedicated to closing the loop on customer feedback. To make sure these teams can act as quickly impossible, brands can empower the individuals in their teams to act autonomously. Set up escalation alerts tied to poor customer experiences to trigger the teams to take immediate action.

Highlight #2: Your Frontline Employees Are Your Greatest Asset—Keep Them Incentivised

We know that frontline employees are in charge of delivering customer experiences every day—and we also know that in some businesses, these are contractors or third parties that you don’t exactly have control over. What’s the key to incentivising these third party employees? These frontline employees need strategic communication. If you explain to them WHY they need to deliver good experiences, you are likely to see a higher uptick in excellent customer service. On the flip side, you can explain to them that if customers have negative experiences, they are less likely to return, which has negative implications for the third party contractors. It’s a tricky job to keep these employees engaged, but it’s possible with the right communication and action plan. 

Highlight #3: Capture Internal Data from Employees To Unlock Insights Into Emerging Markets

Again, employees can be a goldmine of information—but are you listening to them? In Foot Locker’s case, the brand relies on employee data to understand when and how to expand into emerging markets. With your employees interacting with customers every day, don’t forget to ask them what they’re seeing and experiencing—chances are their insights will point to cost savings and retention opportunities.

Keep an eye out for our Q&A interviews with the speakers in the coming weeks, and check out the full post-event wrap up here!

In Case You Missed It: 3 Major InMoment Announcements You Need to Know About

It’s been a huge month for those of us in the InMoment Community! We’re always looking for the next opportunity to take Experience Improvement (and the experience industry as whole) to the next level, and this month, we made three major InMoment announcements that tell the world about the next steps in our mission: InMoment’s acquisition of ReviewTrackers, InMoment being named a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2022,” and, finally, the launch of the latest XI Platform capabilities.

Want to know more about these headlines? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate the three latest InMoment announcements and what they mean for you. Keep reading to get the 411!

Your Guide to the Three Latest InMoment Announcements

Announcement #1: InMoment Acquires Leading Customer Review Management Company ReviewTrackers

The InMoment family just keeps growing! Our latest addition, ReviewTrackers, empowers over 175,000+ business locations to better understand and manage their customer reviews across 100+ sites with their review management technology. 

InMoment and ReviewTrackers joining forces is great news for today’s brands! Online reviews are a great source of unsolicited customer feedback, and they often offer perspective from a different segment of the customer base than surveys or other feedback channels. The combination of different sources for voice-of-customer provides a more holistic, integrated view of the customer experience, and therefore a more accurate representation of the broader customer experience. 

Leveraging InMoment AI, an intelligence layer of the XI Platform that utilizes natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) to facilitate and automate action, this unstructured data is brought to life.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to monitor, manage, and respond to online reviews from customers in order to accelerate new customer acquisition and improve customer retention—all while driving more authentic connections with customers. This acquisition empowers InMoment customers to do just that!

Read more here!

Announcement #2: InMoment Named a Leader in People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Report for Q2, 2022

Our next InMoment announcement covers a report by third-party analyst, Forrester, entitled “The Forrester Wave™: People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms, Q2, 2022.” Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated 13 of the most significant text analytics vendors across 29 evaluation criteria, and named InMoment along with only four other vendors as a Leader in the evaluation. 

In its vendor profile of InMoment, Forrester states that the company’s acquisitions of MaritzCX in 2020 and Lexalytics in 2021 are “…paying off—the acquisitions beef up InMoment’s people-oriented text analytics capabilities and enable it to address all relevant use cases (beyond just VOC or CX analytics).” The report states “InMoment XI  is a solid choice for customers who want a platform with a well-balanced mix of knowledge and ML-based AI, the ability to deploy OOTB solutions quickly, and deep custom application development capabilities (especially for embedded analytics).”

“We are pleased to be named a Leader in Forrester’s People-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms report,” says Mehul Nagrani, General Manager, AI Product & Technology. “It validates for us our approach to providing an integrated platform with deep expertise in analyzing both structured and unstructured data, and reflects the hard work of the team to integrate key Lexalytics text analytics and machine learning technology into our product portfolio. We are committed to delivering AI-based technology  to further our ambition of helping businesses improve experiences for their employees and customers.”

Read more here!

Announcement #3: The Latest Updates to the Award-Winning XI Platform

We couldn’t be more excited about this InMoment announcement: the launch of the latest set of technology innovations on our market-leading XI Platform! With these additions and updates, organizations will be empowered to acquire new customers, retain and increase loyalty of existing customers, and drive improved business performance—all within one seamlessly integrated platform.

Want to know what’s new? Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Product Experience Cloud™: An experience ecosystem built to help product managers, developers, and UX designers understand friction points that need to be addressed while also providing perspective to customer experience teams on how product interaction impacts the larger customer experience.  
  • Data Exploration™: The industry’s first search-based text analytics solution that explores unstructured data from any source for a single integrated view of experiences based on key themes, underlying sentiment, relative customer effort, intent and emotion so businesses can explore feedback and take action faster.
  • Spotlight™: An award-winning, sophisticated AI-based and natural language processing (NLP) power-user application for real-time automated insights discovery from all types of customer experience signals to improve customer and employee acquisition or customer recovery and retention.
  • Moments™: InMoment’s real-time mobile app, built to socialize experience feedback through a curated data feed which can be displayed on your phone or tablet, or through monitor displays in an office environment to help teams drive improvement on the go by sharing feedback, adding experiences to a collection of like comments, and closing the feedback loop to grow stronger customer relationships.

In addition, enhancements have been made to existing XI applications to better facilitate inclusion, intelligent decision making, and sophisticated data workflows, all leveraging  industry-leading AI. They include:

  • Survey: The industry’s first WCAG 2.0 compliant feedback collection solution that uses a proprietary enhanced method, allowing businesses to efficiently integrate data workflows reducing errors and ultimately cost.
  • Reporting: Expert-designed industry and role-specific dashboards for the front line, CX teams, and C Level stakeholders that deliver an aggregate view of what’s happening by program, across regions, and through locations with flexible data views that unearth key business drivers.
  • Workflow: Automating the most time-consuming part of data analytics processing, Workflow seamlessly segments and drives automated action on your customer base within the XI Platform and triggers events in existing enterprise systems such as Slack, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce etc.
  • InMoment AI: Underpinning all XI applications is industry-leading InMoment AI, an intelligence engine powering both structured and unstructured analytics across the platform. InMoment AI combines advanced Machine Learning algorithms with industry specific taxonomies, near-universal language support and encapsulated vertical knowledge to deliver rich insights, predictive analytics, and actionable recommendations through the XI application ecosystem.

Read more here!

Realizing the InMoment Mission

​​Improving experiences is why InMoment exists. Our mission is to help our clients improve experiences at the intersection of value—where customer, employee, and business needs come together. These latest InMoment announcements are our next steps in realizing that mission. We can’t wait for the road ahead!

5 Things We Learned from the Customer Experience Speakers at the Sydney XI Forum

After 14 customer experience speakers, 250 delegates, two hands-on workshops, and hours of networking on the Sydney Harbour cruise, the 2022 Sydney XI Forum is done and dusted. That means it’s time to take what you’ve learned and start doing the work to elevate your experience program! 

We heard from award-winning customer experience speakers from some of Australia’s biggest brands—Craveable Brands, The NRMA, Rest Super, Foxtel, and JAX Tyres & Auto—not to mention two of InMoment’s global leaders. The day was filled with practical tips that you can apply to your program from day one.

If you missed out on the event, don’t worry—here are five key takeaways you can use to apply to your experience program today! 

5 Pieces of Advice from Our Customer Experience Speakers

#1: Managing Experiences Is Not Enough—The Future Is Experience Improvement

InMoment’s Global CMO, Kristi Knight, took us through the evolution of customer experience (CX). CX started out in the golden age of advertising, market research, and understanding consumers. Then, the internet was born, and online surveys were created to collect customer feedback in a timely manner. Next, we started managing experiences, and we recognised that the total experience a customer has is a collection of moments and interactions along their journey. The idea of simply “managing” metrics tells your business where you are and where you’ve been, not necessarily where you’re going. The future of CX is moving past managing experiences, to actually improving them through experience improvement

#2: Instead of Collecting More and More Data, Take Action On the Data Your Already Have

The CX industry has made big promises to brands; Essentially, if you listen to customers and act on that feedback, you’ll see results like loyalty, retention and other positive business outcomes. The XI Forum challenged our perspective on the traditional model of listening to feedback and collecting endless data. The ultimate goal for brands is to move beyond collecting operational and customer feedback, toward building differentiation from competitors, and ultimately designing and innovating new revenue streams and customer segments for the future. Make sure your CX platform is equipped to layer all types of feedback, whether that be direct (surveys) data, indirect data, or inferred (CRM) data.

#3: Make a Plan to Leverage AI in Your Experience Program

Like most industries, customer experience leaders are currently challenged to integrate AI into their programs to free up some of the manual tasks of improving experiences. If done correctly, AI can power your natural language understanding capabilities to show your business which actions to take to move the needle.  Ideally, every CX  platform should tell brands WHAT to do next.

To do that—survey data is not enough for AI to work properly, and there isn’t a robot sitting behind the platform making sense of your customer data and creating business insights for you. What you can do today is create bespoke AI models that will help make your platform smarter—for one, you can train your platform on what a churning customer looks like, and set up triggers to reach out to valuable clients when they are signaling dissatisfaction. 

#4: When It Comes to CX and the C-Suite, Optimise Your Dashboards

The C-Suite of any business is typically one of the most important stakeholders in your CX program. They need to be informed about what kind of CX initiatives are happening, where the CX problems are, and the plan to tackle them—AND they are extremely time poor. 

To solve this, optimise your C-Suite CX dashboards using these principles: 

  • Purpose: make the purpose of the dashboard crystal clear
  • Relevance: make sure each element of the dashboard will resonate with your audience, which may require bespoke configuration 
  • Engaging: these data visualisation on a C-Suite dashboard, should be simple and straightforward—take the guesswork out of convoluted charts and diagrams. Add branding, colours, and themes to make it visually appealing. 
  • Story: create and place the widgets in isolation and then decide the consumable order—the ultimate goal should be an overarching CX story that your C-Suite can easily understand 

#5: Level Up Your Experience Program by Marrying Together Multiple Voices

In the last keynote of the day, the CEO of JAX Tyres & Auto, Steve Grossrieder, described how their business is layering together voice of customer, voice of employees, and even voice of franchisees for a complete view of the customer journey. In doing so, the entire culture of the business is focused on the customer. For true customer centricity, it might be time for your brand to consider adding in another data set to further understand your employees, franchisees, partners, or other stakeholders.

Keep an eye out for our Q&A interviews with the speakers in the coming weeks, and check out the full post-event wrap up here!

Cultural Spotlight: What Women’s History Month Looks Like at InMoment

The month of March is Women’s History Month, an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the contributions and lives of incredible women everywhere—past and present. It’s also an opportunity to share stories, learn from one another, and emphasize the importance of creating a gender equal world.

At InMoment, our favorite of our core values (human, bold, and invested) is human. And we know that part of ensuring that we live out that value is making sure that inclusivity and diversity are front and center in our people strategy. That’s why we created our two employee resource groups, InMovement and Women of InMoment:

  • InMovement: A global, cross-functional group of inclusivity all-stars who drive formal and informal opportunities for education and improvement across the business.
  • Women of InMoment: A global employee resource group designed to support inclusion and diversity, provide the women of InMoment with opportunities to mentor and learn from one another, activate leadership skills, and connect with service and professional growth activities in the larger technology community.

For our Women’s History Month celebrations, our Women of InMoment council took the reins and scheduled events across the globe to get our team involved. Here’s a quick snapshot of what WHM looks like at InMoment!

InMoment’s Women’s History Month Celebrations

#1: Sharing Stories with Humans of InMoment

Our #HumansOfInMoment initiative is a forum for InMoment team members to share who they are with the InMoment community. We truly could not be more proud of the individuals on our team and the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas they bring with them, so we celebrate those stories by composing them into fun graphics and sharing with the world!

For Women’s History Month, we curated a series of stories from women on our global team, where they talked about the women in their personal and professional lives who have helped to make them who they are today. You can read these stories on our LinkedIn page!

#2: An International Women’s Day Message from Our Leadership

March 8 marked International Women’s Day, and to celebrate the occasion, member’s of InMoment’s leadership team and the Women of InMoment committee got together to share a message surrounding this year’s theme, #BreakTheBias

Breaking the bias is all about coming together to create a world “ free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination…that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive…where difference is valued and celebrated.” And that’s what we strive for every day at InMoment! Watch the video message below.

#3: A Live Fireside Chat with Jill Kozoil of Motherly

Next up on our list of scheduled events was a live fireside chat with Founder and CEO of Motherly, Jill Kozoil. In mid-March, our team was able to log into the webinar and watch a discussion with Jill and members of the Women of InMoment committee about the leap to entrepreneurship, leadership learnings, and redefining what it means to be a working mother.

Jill Koziol founded Motherly, a wellbeing destination that empowers mothers to thrive with expert content, innovative product solutions, and supportive community. She is also the co-author of “The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama: Redefining the Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Journey” and “This Is Motherhood: A Motherly Collection of Reflections and Practices.”

Jill is passionate about serving and empowering women and mothers because when mamas are successful, everyone wins. She is an advocate for families, female founders, and how to thrive with multiple sclerosis. Jill lives in Park City, Utah with her husband and two daughters. We are so grateful to her for joining us!

Living Out Our Values

Inclusion and diversity aren’t mere talking points to our team. They are goals that we strive for with every action we take. And at every chance, we celebrate the diversity that brings so much value to our team! 

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InMoment Stands with Ukraine

For what feels like much longer than a few weeks, the InMoment team has watched along with everyone else the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine. The sudden, unprovoked invasion has exacted an unimaginable toll of pain and suffering, and our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people as they contend with the largest military conflict in Europe since World War II. 

Some of our team members have family and loved ones who either hail from, are fleeing, or staying in Ukraine, and we imagine a fair few of you readers do as well. 

Though these are uncertain times, especially for the people of Ukraine, we take heart and inspiration from the Ukrainian people’s courage. The news has been heavy with headlines about casualties, but amid all of it, there have been countless stories of hope and heroism. 

Whether it’s ferrying injured pets to the Polish border, young couples taking up arms right after tying the knot, or border countries housing refugees, the Ukrainian people and their allies have displayed courage, honor, and resolve that we believe sets a powerful example for the rest of us.

It may feel like there’s nothing that those of us outside of Ukraine can do to make a difference, but that’s not the case. In fact, there are a variety of resources and charities you can contribute to to help:

  1. UNCHR
  2. Voices of Children
  3. Sunflower of Peace


As of writing, at least three million civilians have fled Ukraine ahead of the Russian invasion. UNCHR is dedicated to helping those civilians find their way to safety, and to ensuring their wellbeing along the way. Donations are always appreciated and can be made here.

2. Voices of Children

As its name implies, Voices of Children is a charity that aims to help kids affected by war. The charity provides psychosocial and psychological assistance to children whose lives have been disrupted by conflicts all over the globe, and stands ready to channel any donations toward that goal.

3. Sunflower of Peace

Whereas the other charities mentioned here focus primarily on families and children, Sunflower of Peace aims to provide doctors and healthcare professionals with the resources they need to make a difference in Ukraine. Any contributions are greatly appreciated and can be made here.

What Lies Ahead

It’s difficult to know what the future holds for the people of Ukraine, but InMoment stands with the Ukrainian people and extends its wishes for safety to everyone in that sovereign nation in the weeks, months, and years ahead. In the meantime, please give what you can spare to these or other charities, and together we can make a difference for a people in need.


Experience Improvement 101: What You Need to Know About InMoment’s Mission

Just discovered InMoment? Curious to know a little more about us and our differentiated Experience Improvement (XI)? Well allow us to introduce ourselves! 

Own the Moments That Matter

At InMoment, we have this saying: “Own the Moments That Matter.” This is fundamental to our mission, because those moments—packed full of emotions, judgements, learnings, and more—shape the world we live in. And with every moment, there is an opportunity to make a positive impact; to leave a mark.

But when it comes to your business, there are simply some moments that matter more, to your customer, employees, and beyond. 

Our goal is to empower you with the data, technology, and human expertise necessary to identify the moments that matter, understand what’s working (and what might need improvement), take informed action to solve business problems, and ultimately provide a truly differentiated experience for your business. 

Our CEO Andrew Joiner said it best:  “Whether it’s customer acquisition, growth, or retention that’s needed, InMoment brings a rigor, discipline, and science that makes our results trusted by the boards and executive teams of the world’s best brands.” 

What Is Experience Improvement (XI)?

Despite increased investment, experience management programs have plateaued. Why?

Because experiences don’t need to be managed or measured, they need to be improved.

The truth is that monitoring services and D.I.Y. approaches aren’t enough for today’s businesses; they cause program stagnation and make meaningful return on investment (ROI) impossible. Instead, what’s required for success is a new approach: an Experience Improvement (XI) initiative that solves the biggest business challenges, like retention, growth, and cost savings

The Moments That Matter

Improving experiences begins with sifting out the noise from experience data and identifying the moments that matter: where customer, employee, and business needs meet. This allows businesses to prioritize their focus on high-emotion, high-impact areas and connect with their most valued customers. Additionally, businesses can empower their employees to recognize and take action in these moments, ultimately culminating in organization-wide transformation from the boardroom to the break room. 

Data, Technology, and Human Expertise

Experience Improvement is made possible through our industry-leading Experience Intelligence XI technology and our in-house Experience Improvement (XI) services teams. With our ability to collect and gather data from anywhere and in any form, industry-leading technology, and decades of experience in key industries, InMoment can help you craft an experience initiative that truly meets the unique needs of your business. We are dedicated to being more than just a vendor to our clients—instead we take the role of a dedicated partner committed to a businesses’ short- and long-term success.

The Intersection of Value

Our mission is to help our clients improve experiences at the intersection of value—where customer, employee, and business needs come together.  Ultimately, our clients are able to move the needle and go beyond managing their experience to actually improving it. With the right intelligence, businesses can empower the right people to take transformative, informed action in the most effective ways and drive value across four key areas: acquisition, retention, cross-sell & upsell, and cost reduction. In other words, better results for the business and better experiences for their customers and employees.

The Continuous Improvement Framework

The key to taking an experience program beyond metrics is to move beyond monitoring customer feedback and stories and focus on the formation of actionable plans for changes informed by them. Customer narratives contain meaning that companies can use to diagnose both superficial and deep-seated problems, define remedies to those problems, positively impact the bottom line, and create more meaningful experiences. We help our clients  achieve all of this by sticking to a simple, five-step framework that we call the Continuous Improvement Framework: define, listen, understand, transform, realize. (You can read all about it here!)

Does this Experience Improvement (XI) mission align with your vision? We’d love to hear from you—reach out to our team for a chat here!

A Winning Combination: Unstructured & Structured Data Analytics in Today’s Customer Experience Environment

Over the last few weeks, there have been several announcements from large tech players in the world of VoC (voice of customer) and CX (customer experience). My name is Melanie Disse and I have over 10 years of industry experience—most recently in a VoC role at Mercury New Zealand. I thought I’d spend a moment explaining what these announcements mean for those of us who are VoC, CX and Customer Insights professionals. Before we get started, let’s check out what I’m referring to:  

You might be thinking, so what? Should I be excited about this? Let’s look into it. 

What the Acquisition and Partnership Means in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, Lexalytics, and Tethr are data analytics platforms focusing on structured and unstructured customer data, as well as solicited and unsolicited feedback. With such acquisition/partnership, companies like InMoment strengthen their capabilities in the “text analytics” space, meaning their ability to analyze unstructured data and extract meaning and actionable insights. But also in a broader way to be able to connect unstructured and structured data sources to generate insights from within one platform.

The Humble Beginnings of Surveys 

Before I jump into the deep end, let’s start at the beginning. Not that long ago, if we wanted to know what a customer thought, how they felt about interacting with your brand (website, store, call center, etc.), or how loyal they are to you, we had to ask them. We sent a survey and asked them what we wanted to know. In fact, almost every company sent surveys, to an extent that customers got rather fed up with it. We ran into the problem of survey fatigue, which plagues many of us. 

But it’s not just survey fatigue that challenges the trusted old survey, it’s also the accuracy of insights we gain from it. We sometimes ask questions the customer may or may not know the answer to—for example, did we resolve your issue today? The customer is likely thinking “hmm, well I hope so, the agent promised me to fix it..” We also ask questions we should know the answer to, like “did you travel with us in the last 30 days?”  And finally, we ask questions that seem irrelevant or unimportant to the customer, but we want to know more about it, like “did you remember seeing any advertisements on your flight today?” So, we kinda capture the “voice of the customer”, at least on things that are important to the company, and from those customers that can be bothered to respond. 

In addition to that, we tend to look at survey results in isolation, and then look at things like financial results, churn reporting, or customer complaints data, in isolation as well. Depending on the data maturity level in your business, you may combine some of your data, but not all of it. You may analyze some of your data, but not all of it—which we know is limiting, as data is best utilized when combined with various sources, rather than analyzed in isolation. 

So that’s why I’m excited about the recent announcements. It’s not that I oppose using surveys—absolutely not. They are a great tool in our toolbox, but they are only one tool, not THE tool. 

Extracting Meaning from Unstructured Data 

There’s one resource that has long been underutilized for mining data—the contact centre! The contact centre is an absolute treasure trove of customer insights and has long been underutilized from a customer insights perspective. It’s an amazing source of customer feedback. We have agents on the phone, email, live chat, and social media messaging. We have bots, call notes, and so much more. So instead of sending a survey, we can now analyze the data we already have, and potentially supplement what’s missing with a survey. 

Conversational analytics is also powerful as we are no longer limited to low numbers of survey responses, or hearing only from those customers that take the time to respond. Analyzing the conversation that just took place between your company and a customer means we have 100% of the conversation to use to generate insights from. It means more volume, but also a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences, as we “hear” from all customers that interact with us.

With acquisitions and partnerships, companies like InMoment strengthened their capabilities in this space, using ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to extract as much insight as possible from those unstructured data sources to tell us what the conversation was about, how the customer (and agent) felt about the interaction, and even predict what the experience was like (e.g. customer effort). Effort and ease, or CES (Customer Effort Score), is a super valuable metric to use in the interaction environment, as it tells us so much about how an experience went from a customer point of view, and is strongly correlated to customer loyalty. Based on unstructured data (the conversation that just took place between agent and customer) as well as operational data (e.g. call history, wait times, transfers, channel hopping) we can predict the level of effort the customer had to put forth to get their query resolved, all without a survey. 

Analyzing call or chat data helps us understand the conversation that took place, but also what it was all about. It allows you to narrow down on your customer “intent”, or reason for contacting. While we typically rely on agents to choose a “call reason” from a drop down menu, if you work in this space you probably know the accuracy levels of that data. That’s not just because an agent may opt to take a short cut and choose whatever option is right at the top of the drop down menu, it’s also limited to the options we provide, and one option only. Often calls may cover more than one reason, or the contact reason differs from the actual problem that needs to get addressed. Some telephone platforms now offer “intent recognition” and we can also get that information from our VoC platforms if we ingest that data. 

Beyond our contact centre data we can also leverage external sources such as social media or reviews. It’s another source of “free” customer feedback we can leverage to better understand our customers, their needs, and potential improvement areas. And again, we pull it into the same platform to have it in the same place as our other customer feedback data for enriched analytical capabilities. 

The Power and Limitations of Technology 

While those VoC platform announcements are super exciting, it’s not as simple as plugging them into our company tech environment and we have full access to all the shiny toys. You may end up with an (expensive) Ferrari in the garage, unable to drive it. The more data we can ingest into these VoC platforms, the better the quality of our customer and employee insights. However, which data we can share—from a policy, privacy, or tech point of view—determines to what extent we can leverage the tools. If you’re faced with a stack of legacy systems that don’t integrate easily, or can’t even connect the (data) dots between your systems, things become more challenging. 

Another incredibly exciting area is predicting experiences, or rather experience metrics. A word of caution here as well—we all know how unique and unpredictable we are as humans. A lot of testing is required before you have satisfactory accuracy levels for your particular organization (similar to intent work). So again, a great example of how we can leverage survey data to gain insights into customers’ perceptions of experiences. Expectations and perceptions make predicting experiences rather interesting. 

Wrapping Up

So to wrap up, from a conversational analytics point of view, we’re heading to a state where we know why the customer got in touch and what the interaction was about, what the experience was like from a customer point of view, how the customer felt (emotion and sentiment), and the impact the agent may have had. It’s pretty powerful to have that all in one place, but what do we do with this information? 

Firstly, we can enrich it even further with not “just” unstructured data from internal sources, but external sources like social media as well. We can also add key operational or financial data we have on the customer (e.g. call metrics such as handle time, customer tenure, value segments, churn risk, and others). 

Secondly, when we bring it all together we see a picture emerging on two levels, the operational level and the strategic level. 

  1. On an operational level we may gain insights to help us train our agents or uncover root causes that we can tackle. Those are typically limited to a specific area, e.g. a call center team, and smaller in nature. 
  2. On a strategic level we are able to uncover an end-to-end view of the customer experience, enabling us to look at company-wide experience improvement areas. Whether that’s overall, or broken down e.g. by specific journey stages. Again, effort is a great metric to use here as you can map out friction areas (aka areas for improvement) across journey stages by channel, or intent. You can also view this by e.g. product or specific services, overlay churn risk or value segments, the list is endless. It should give you a clear idea where to focus your improvement efforts and track performance over time. 

Many VoC tools can do parts of what I outlined here, but what we’re seeing now is a strong focus within our industry to mature our capabilities further, particularly in the conversational analytics space. It enables us to use the data we already have and use surveys only when we really need them. And that, in my humble opinion, is fantastic! 

Thanks for “listening”.

InMoment Acquires Lexalytics: Leader and Pioneer of Structured and Unstructured Data

Today, we announced that Lexalytics is joining InMoment. As the leader in Experience Improvement (XI) this is another step in our continued effort to bring the best and the brightest in technology and expertise to our customers. 

Wondering Who Lexalytics Is? 

Since 2003, Lexalytics has been the leader and pioneer in structured and unstructured analytics —translating text into profitable decisions. Their expertise focuses on delivering natural language processing (NLP), and machine-learning (ML) solutions for the world’s most customer-centric brands.

Why Lexalytics? 

Well, metrics can be limited in their actionability, and the world is moving increasingly beyond using just structured surveys into conversations and rich forms of customer, employee and market experience data. The complexity of doing this at scale, in multiple languages across a variety of data forms (short, long) with velocity is more important today than ever before. 

Superior text and unstructured analytics is core to the future of feedback. Together we can offer our customers even more in-depth unstructured analytics that includes the ability to handle social, call center, chat logs, reviews, and other unstructured data, more advanced machine learning models with context provided by industry, and the ability to deploy text analytics on premise for sensitive data. 

What Does This Mean to Our Customers?

It means we’re continually striving to bring world-class technology and expertise together to enhance the experiences that impact our customers’ customers and positively impact their business outcomes. 

We thank our customers, partners, and our team for their support and for choosing us for their experience improvement journey.  

Together, we will make 2021 and beyond the year of exceptional experiences. 

Read more about this exciting news here

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