From Comments To Actions – Why Listening Is Not Enough

If you know the importance of listening to your customers and have been collecting customer feedback… you’re off to a great start! But have you done anything with it? Some of you may have read through each one of your customer comments and others may have analyzed the data and created good looking charts. But did your customer experience change for the better because of it?

Think of customer feedback as a two-way street. According to the Empathica Consumer Insights Panel, consumers are more than willing to provide brands with their feedback, but only 46% believe that brands use it to make changes to the customer experience. If your customers are willing to take the time to voice their opinion to help you improve your customer experience, it’s important that you demonstrate that you are acting on the feedback they provide to give them a better experience with your brand and locations. You do this by gathering feedback in two ways:

Ask the right questions

The feedback you get from your customers is only as valuable as the questions you ask them. Your survey questions should be reflective of your brand and accurately capture the brand experience you strive to deliver.

Look for answers outside of your surveys

A lot of things could be said about you but they don’t usually come in the survey form. Online reviews, call center transcriptions, direct feedback email, open-ended survey comments are all opportunities where you can understand trends in what customers are saying about you.

Simply gathering feedback won’t drive change however. You have to take what your customers are saying and turn that feedback into action plans that will drive experience improvements. Sound complicated? It’s really not and here’s how you can do it:

Know where to find insights relevant to you

The volume of feedback coming from multiple channels can be too overwhelming for any location manager to read through. They shouldn’t have to browse through all the feedback channels and use different tools to determine the patterns. In fact, our 3rd party Feedback and Text Analytics solution provides an end-to-end view of multiple channels such as social media recommendations, online reviews, call center transcriptions, direct feedback email, and open-ended survey comments in one central application.

Turn insights into actions

3rd Party Feedback and Text Analytics allows locations to drill down to key issues and take concrete action to resolve issues. For example, when negative sentiments arise about fries, location managers should be able to find out what is being said about the fries in seconds – is it too cold? Too greasy? Or too pricey? By filtering the comments, your location manager can determine the most common word related to “negative fries.” By quickly identifying the real issue that exists within their location, location managers can implement an action plan to fix this issue and coach staff on how to do it.

Become the type of company that not only listens but also act on it. In return, your customers will return to your locations, become active brand advocates and recommend your brand to friends, family and followers.

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