Here’s What You Should Know About Discover

It seems like every week there is another PR emergency or brand failure in the news. What is even more interesting is that in many cases with just a little prior insight and action the whole mess could have been avoided!

Most brands understand that customer feedback is critical to improving their business, but with the thousands of comments that you receive on a daily basis, finding the insights that can alert you to emerging issues is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This month, we publicly announced InMoment’s newest product, Discover™. Simply put, Discover can be described as an always-on analyst that digs through any type of customer comments to detect anomalies, or abnormal spikes, in topics. In other words, if your customers are talking about any particular incident, product, staff member, promotion—you name it—in a significant way, Discover will let you know.

Its built-in text analytics and sophisticated predictive algorithms analyze past data to establish a baseline, then compare it to current data in order to determine if any topics are emerging as anomalies. It then alerts the correct person in your organization who can address the issue and take action.

No more spreadsheets, no more reading through thousands of comments, no more finding out about an issue after it’s too late. Discover will tell you things you might not have ever known about your customers—or may have never thought to ask.

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