How to Catch Hidden Issues and Save Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are fragile. Even the smallest error can dramatically impact your brand’s perception, but you can’t address the problems you don’t know about.

Here’s just one real-life example of how Discover™ can automatically find and alert you to issues hidden in your customer comments.

Text Analytics Infographic

For one outdoor retailer, Discover was set up to identify and alert decision makers when anomalies popped up in customer comments related to certain topics (or tags).

One day, this retailer’s business analyst received an alert that there was an unusual amount of activity related to the topic of promotions. She immediately turned to Discover to see what was going on.

This program manager instantly saw not only the impact this issue was having on the retailer’s Net Promoter Score, but also the exact geographical area it was coming from, as well as the total percentage of all customer comments mentioning a problem with incorrect pricing.

By reading through the comments pulled out by Discover, it was quickly apparent to her that in one specific state, customers reported being charged sales tax on the retail price of an item instead of on the sale price of the item. Customers were quick to mention this practice wasn’t in line with the Department of Commerce.

This valuable insight was distributed to front end store managers in that state, as well as the retailer’s information technology department. The group is working together to correct the sales tax calculation error in the retailer’s point-of-sale system.

This data empowered the retailer to respond to an issue they were previously unaware of, and keep an innocent error from souring the customer relationships it spent years to build.

If you’d like to learn more about this technology, or layer it on top of your existing VoC data, take a look at Discover for yourself.

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