Best In SaaS Customer Feedback Surveys for Salesforce


Let feedback drive retention & growth.

Sales and Support conversations are transformed when teams have Voice of the Customer data at their fingertips. Lead, Contact & Account Level NPS, CSAT & CES scores and comments are visible in real-time in Salesforce records.

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Monitor & improve the customer journey with our 2-way integration.

  • Trigger surveys on any object in Salesforce with workflows. For example, send a Customer Effort Score survey after onboarding, CSAT survey upon support case closure, or a Net Promoter Score survey 60 days prior to renewal.
  • Send recurring surveys from Salesforce. For example, send an NPS email survey every 90 days.
  • Customize surveys with Salesforce fields.
  • Responses appear in Salesforce and in the Wootric analytics dashboard.
  • Enterprise features you need: advanced set-up and Salesforce Sandbox ready.
  • Get started in days, not months.
CES CSAT PSAT NPS on customer journey mountain peaks

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Hear from more customers. Survey in any channel.

Use a multi-channel approach. Reach online customers with in-app surveys for high response rates. Use email to reach offline stakeholders.

  • Web, mobile, Email and SMS
  • Unified, consistent view of CX metrics across channels
  • Intelligent sampling means a better experience for your customers

Track account health with 7 pre-configured Salesforce Reports

Analyze all of your customer journey metrics in InMoment.

  • Net Promoter, CSAT and Customer Effort Score dashboards.
  • Track CX metrics across channels, touch points, and across your entire customer base.
  • View your rolling average metrics over time. Diagnose by your business drivers.
  • Never miss a trend – automatically receive a continuous pulse of customer sentiment.
  • Qualitative feedback is auto-categorized so you can learn why your customers love you or don’t.

To have this customer data and feedback at the fingertips of every Salesforce user in our organization is HUGE!”

Jim Mercer, Customer Success, Zoom

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