Cabela’s Seeks Video Feedback To Capture Range Of Customers’ Emotions

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Cabela’s has partnered with shopper experience optimization solutions provider InMoment to transform the outdoor brand’s customer engagement strategy. By deploying the InMoment platform within all its stores in July 2016, Cabela’s aims to:

  • Integrate video feedback as an extension of its in-store experience;
  • Gather more instructive feedback from traditional channels, such as online reviews and surveys;
  • Address and close the loop on immediate consumer concerns in real time;
  • Provide individual and team coaching to store associates; and
  • Understand emerging and historical 

While the retailer had always sought to gather information about each consumer’s experience prior to the partnership with InMoment, its online and phone surveys were limited in the emotions they could capture without guidance, according to Nathan Borowski, Communications Specialist at Cabela’s. With the video feedback option, the retailer can bring an added element of human interaction that it previously had not been able to harness.

The video feedback process, which begins after a customer makes a purchase at the cashier, incentivizes the consumer by introducing a call-to-action at the bottom of the receipt. The callout includes information about leaving customer feedback and is paired with an in-store promotion. Shoppers seeking to provide this feedback can then use a mobile device or a computer to access the Cabela’s web site to leave a message there.

“We’re actually able to take our employees that are working in the store or department where they’re having customer interactions and showing them videos of the customer leaving this feedback,” said Borowski in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “They can physically see how ecstatic, pleased, thrilled or frustrated this customer was to have a great experience or one where there were areas that need to be improved on. Just being able to see or hear that customer leave that feedback as opposed to just seeing some statistics or analytics definitely takes the learning experience one step further.

“Being able to address consumers and pain points immediately is huge for us,” Borowski added. “If there’s a certain marketing event or sale going on and customers are having a hard time receiving the sales price or a special service during the limited time period, we don’t want to have that sale come and go and have our customers experience those problems until the sale is lost. We want to make sure that if something immediate is a problem, we take care of those customers right away so they don’t have a negative experience.”

Gathering Functional Data For Cabela’s Execs

Working with InMoment, the Cabela’s team can use the platform’s strategic tools and intelligence to deliver insights to its executives, providing them with a holistic view of all areas of their business through the lens of customer data.

“Most of the people that utilize our data are business users,” said Lisa Davis, VP of Communication at InMoment. “They may be a location manager or a regional manager; very few are analysts. If our insights are not consumable for business users, then what’s the point of delivering them? So we need to make that role-based and relevant to the person that’s receiving those insights. They don’t have time to run through spreadsheets, they need to know exactly what they need to work on today with their team.”

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