CustomerThink InMoment Highlight: Inflation is Affecting Your Customer Experience. Here’s What You Should Do About It.

The events of the past few years have already given customer experience (CX) teams plenty of reason to be up at night. Unfortunately, as if a pandemic and the Great Resignation weren’t enough for many organizations and brands to contend with, the United States is now seeing its worst inflation in half a century, with other regions and countries also enduring the problem to some extent. The bottom line for experience professionals is that though you’ve no doubt worked hard to reorient your customer experience around pandemic conditions, inflation is here to compound an already daunting task. When it rains, it pours.

How does inflation affect customer experience? How can brands effectively respond to it even as they also deal with a multitude of other challenges? As with most things customer experience, there are no quick and easy answers here—but if you’re willing to put the continuous effort in, the methods and best practices I’m about to outline will make a difference for you and your customers.

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