Empathica to be featured on 21st Century Business Television

Empathica to be featured on 21st Century Business Television, April 11, 2012

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Boca Raton, FL — April 10, 2012 — Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Empathica will be airing on 21st Century Business on CNBC (as paid programming).

Empathica, a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, has been selected to appear on 21st Century Business, an award winning international television series. This series, which will feature Empathica’s Mike Amos, CEO, and Dr. Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, will focus on using CEM programs to improve productivity and profitability.

Particularly in an unstable economy, prominent customer service can propel businesses to improved profitability and give them the ability to differentiate from their competitors.  Empathica automates the measurement and management of customer loyalty and assists businesses in building intimate customer relationships. Those solutions deliver the improvements in customer satisfaction that ultimately drive customer advocacy and fuels brand growth.

Empathica’s innovative strategy brings together a highly experienced team in multi-unit retail, banking and restaurants as well as the expertise in technology, statistics and marketing needed to ensure the success of client programs. Empathica recognizes that the unique brand of each company deserves an approach tailored to the specific needs of their company, customers and employees.  Leveraging the latest analytical tools, Empathica develops a deep understanding of the brand’s customer experience and focuses on the key drivers of satisfaction to drive behavioral change among team members. This process enables clients to focus on the elements of the customer experience that will have the greatest impact on driving advocacy and increasing same store sales.

About 21st Century Business
21st Century Business is an award winning television series produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show features companies providing business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions within many industries globally.

21st Century Business airs on CNBC and the Fox Business Network to over 100 million viewers nationwide as well as internationally via DirecTV and Dish Network. The show can also be viewed through video on demand via http://www.21cbtv.com. The series is also available at more than 27 prestigious college universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University.

For specific market-by-market air dates and times, please e-mail Moniqueh@mmpusa.com. For more information, please visit http://www.21cbtv.com.

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