Home Energy Services Partners with InMoment to Give Voice to Customers

Home assistance service provider puts Customer relationships first with InMoment partnership

Home Energy Services, a part of Walsall-based HomeServe, a leading provider of home assistance services including boiler and central heating repairs, looks to InMoment to help to develop its Customer feedback programme.

Home Energy Services is enhancing its commitment to continually improving Customer service by working with InMoment to offer Customers the opportunity to provide direct feedback, following a heating related repair or service, which will be used to influence the evolution of its products and services, as well as help to drive its overall business strategy forward.

The home assistance business will utilise InMoment’s Experience Hub listening platform and professional services to help better understand its Customers’ experiences and identify areas for continual improvement. This includes recognising outstanding engineer performance, recovering any dissatisfied customers in real time and building the brand through positive reviews.

Charlie Scott, Director of Marketing at Home Energy Services, commented: “We put the Customer at the heart of everything we do, and by using this technology, we can gain valuable insights that will ultimately help us continue to improve the service and overall experience that we provide to our Customers.

“InMoment’s Experience Hub will help us to further understand more about how our Customers feel about their experience with our service and we look forward to working with them.”

InMoment works with more than 350 brands in 95 countries across multiple industries and believes the energy services sector is an ideal fit for customer experiencing monitoring.

Steven Herbert, InMoment’s Managing Director, EMEA said: “The home assistance services sector is a unique one when it comes to customer experience. The demand for excellent service is high as customers need to feel reassured by the engineer attending their home, particularly when it involves providing such an emotive service as restoring heating and hot water. Understanding both the positive experiences and those that need improvement is therefore essential in this sector.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Home Energy Services and helping them to listen to and understand their customers in more detail. First-hand insights are critical to ensuring the company is both centred on the customer and utilising their feedback to steer the business toward ever increasing success.”

The new partnership will be part of Home Energy Services overall strategy to take its business one step closer to achieving its 2020 Vision by creating value for its Customers, giving a voice to its Customers and building the brand’s reputation through improved Customer service.

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