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InMoment Captures Hearts and Minds of CX Practitioners with New Emotional Core

  • Innovative emotional core goes beyond simple tag-based emotional detection to drive intelligent workflows
  • Connecting customers and employees on an emotional level moves organizations toward a culture of CX
  • Real-time emotion detection helps brands take immediate and relevant action on customers’ and employees’ emotions improving business impact

SALT LAKE CITY (June 11, 2019) — InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI), today announced the ability to harness emotion in new ways via an innovative emotional core in the XI platform. For the very first time, businesses can now use emotion to bring context to traditional CX metrics, trigger intelligent workflows, and drive the emotional connection between customers and employees.

Historically, most CX vendors have had to manually identify emotions in customer feedback well after the experience has happened—analyzing data after the fact. The inability to understand and act on emotion in real time has led to intelligence gaps for businesses in every industry. As a result, those same businesses have missed the opportunity to fix negative experiences and celebrate positive ones because they understand their customers’ emotions too late.

According to a recent study by PWC, 59 percent of all consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. And only 38 percent of U.S. consumers say the employees they interact with understand their needs. If brands do not measure emotions, they lose valuable context that can help drive decisions.

To fill this intelligence gap, InMoment has extended the breadth of data sciences in the XI Platform by engineering emotion into its core, detecting emotion as data flows in, activating workflows off it, powering more intelligent coaching and case management, and ultimately driving better business decisions, expanding a culture of CX, and ingraining instant feedback loops into workflows.

“Emotion is fundamental to every human experience whether that is your customer or your employee. Leveraging emotion in business enables employees to connect with customers on a deeper level and be moved to change,” said Andrew Joiner, CEO, InMoment. “By embedding emotion at the heart of our platform, we enable brands to respond to emotion-based experiences in the moment and drive a culture of empathy.”

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About InMoment

InMoment™ is the leader in Experience Intelligence (XI), transforming metrics into meaning to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with both customers and employees. The company’s cloud-native XI Platform is engineered with data science at the core, and specifically architected to harness intelligence from across the entire experience ecosystem to deliver clear business value. The platform features three clouds that all work seamlessly together to give companies a comprehensive understanding of the most important factors impacting their bottom lines, including: Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, and Market Experience (MX) Cloud. InMoment’s approach of providing strategic technical, best practice and thought leadership support ensures that our nearly 500 brands across 95 countries realize maximum business impact.

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