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InMoment Included on 2020 Shatter List for Helping Break Glass Ceiling in Technology

—InMoment recognized by Women Tech Council list for its global efforts building an inclusive culture and other measures that transform technology culture

SALT LAKE CITY (March 10, 2020) — In honor of International Women’s Day, InMoment today announced it has been named on the Women Tech Council (WTC) 2020 Shatter List, a recognition of companies with active measures that help break the glass ceiling for women in technology. Each of the companies on the 2020 list was chosen based on their development and successful implementation of measures that create gender-inclusive cultures where women can contribute and succeed.

“The Shatter List is designed to measure the policies, practices and organizations that are creating real impact for women in tech,” said Cydni Tetro, president of WTC. “These organization-wide, holistic solutions to actively create gender-inclusive environments and teams make impact not only for those within an organization, but throughout the technology community by helping advance women across the entire sector.”

The Shatter List was developed as part of WTC’s diversity and inclusion program and commitment to help build high-performing environments where men and women can succeed and drive company success. To make the Shatter List, InMoment was evaluated and scored against hundreds of technology companies on four key criteria: executive engagement, company programming, community investment and women’s or D&I groups. Each named company was required to demonstrate active, visible activities at all company levels showing commitment and progress in these four areas.

“InMoment is honored to be named on the Women Tech Council Shatter List for the third consecutive year,” says Kristi Knight, InMoment CMO. “The executive team has driven company-wide efforts to ensure women are hired, promoted, and compensated fairly in each of its global offices. Diversity and inclusion is a high priority for us, and it’s critical that team members of all genders continue to step up and communicate and celebrate those efforts.”

Among these criteria, InMoment was especially recognized for its global efforts to build an inclusive culture and help women break the glass ceiling in technology. More than 1/3 of InMoment’s global workforce is female, and InMoment has strong support from the CEO and extended executive team when it comes to hiring and promoting women across departments, experience levels, and geographies. The company established an internal global program (including a women-designed logo), Women of InMoment, which engages both women and men to provide the company’s female staff with opportunities to mentor and learn from one another, develop leadership skills, and connect with service and professional growth activities in the larger technology community.

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About InMoment:

InMoment™ helps organizations deliver more valuable and inspiring experiences to their customers and employees at every moment in their journey. Our clients gain the wisdom of our experts—who bring deep domain knowledge in experience design and delivery—coupled with our award-winning Experience Intelligence (XI)™ platform that continually analyzes and evaluates enterprise experience data and customer feedback. Recognized as a leader and innovator in our sector, we collaborate with the world’s leading brands to attract, engage and retain their customers. We are fiercely proud that our clients continually tell us they love the experience of working with our company, as we constantly stretch to exceed their expectations. Take a moment, and learn more at

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