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InMoment Unveils Market Experience (MX) Cloud, Giving Brands Access to Important Intelligence that Impacts Customer, Employee Experience and their Ability to Compete in the Experience Economy

  • MX Cloud integral component in InMoment’s new Experience Intelligence™ (XI) Platform, surfacing insights from campaigns, competition, non-purchasers
  • Connects, shares seamlessly with Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience Clouds
  • Powered by data science, intelligence can be easily shared between clouds to promote more comprehensive understanding, cultural change, smarter action

SALT LAKE CITY (February 27, 2019) —  InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI), today introduced the Market Experience (EX) Cloud™, an integral component in the company’s pioneering Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform™, which also launched today.  

The experience ecosystem includes signals from employees and customers, however there are other factors that also play a role in how these important audiences relate to and influence a brand’s success. Marketing campaigns, how products perform over time, non-buyers and even the competition play important roles. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to capture, distill and connect this type of intelligence with traditional CX and EX feedback to provide a comprehensive view. That is a challenge no longer.

For nearly 15 years, InMoment has offered core market research functions, including product, campaign and non-purchaser research, as well as benchmark studies, all conducted through professional services and with the help of expert data scientists. Today, with the launch of the new MX Cloud, we are able to automate many of these functions, connecting the intelligence gathered seamlessly to customer experience and employee experience leaders, and making it simple to share and socialize findings. InMoment’s XI Platform is uniquely able to help brands take this critical step, solving the problem of siloed insights and helping build collaborative and customer-centric cultures, which are two of the most foundational, yet difficult to achieve drivers of positive business outcomes.

The InMoment Market Experience (MX) Cloud allows brands to gain this intelligence through distinct features, including:  

  • Market Surveys: Empower users to quickly create and distribute ad-hoc surveys that provide answers on-the-fly.
  • Panel: Access market data outside of CX and EX, including how campaigns and new products are performing, the opinions of non-buyers and targeted buyer sample groups, and more.
  • Experience Benchmark: Our automated benchmarking solution captures unstructured data from review sites, social media and surveys to show you where you rank against your top competitors in near real time.

“As customer expectations rise, the imperative for businesses to get more intelligent in creating meaningful experiences is more critical than ever,” said Simon Fraser, VP Experience Intelligence Strategy at InMoment, and seasoned former market research professional, having worked previously with Nielsen Company consulting with leading global brands. “Traditional market research methods are too slow and costly to fill all the gaps in this understanding. The new MX Cloud, powered by the XI Platform’s data science core, automates what machines do best, providing speed and scale that traditional approaches simply cannot. As a result, InMoment can unite the most essential intelligence, in real time, and on a single, seamless platform for infinitely more value.”

The MX Cloud can be purchased as a stand-alone solution, or in combination with the CX and EX clouds.

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About InMoment

InMoment™ is the leader in Experience Intelligence (XI), transforming metrics into meaning to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with both customers and employees. The company’s cloud-native XI Platform is engineered with data science at the core, and specifically architected to harness intelligence from across the entire experience ecosystem to deliver clear business value. The platform features three clouds that all work seamlessly together to give companies a comprehensive understanding of the most important factors impacting their bottom lines, including: Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, Employee Experience Cloud, and Market Experience Cloud.  InMoment’s approach of providing strategic technical, best practice and thought leadership support ensures that our nearly 500 brands across 95 countries realize maximum business impact.

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