InMoment: “Voice” a Critical Component in Voice of the Customer

  • Best-in-class Customer Experience Programs Must Embrace All Listening Channels
  • Speech-to-text Paired with Highly-tuned Text Analytics Power Real-time Action

Salt Lake City (Oct. 1, 2014) —“As digital communication continues to become more prevalent in both personal and professional settings, the role of the human voice plays an evolving, and still critical role in listening, understanding and sharing information,” according to John Sperry, CEO of InMoment. “Brands must do whatever it takes to listen to customers however they choose to provide feedback. In addition to online, mobile, and social channels, best-in-class customer experience (CX) programs will embrace the full complement of speech analysis and other voice capabilities. Anything short of that is incomplete.”

Since its founding more than a decade ago, InMoment™, a cloud-based CX optimization platform, has offered a strong Voice solution, helping some of the world’s largest and most successful brands infuse business-critical decisions with insights gleaned from the literal voices of millions of their customers.

A recent report issued by CCIQ Magazine showed that 74 percent of businesses use live agents as a primary service channel. The study also revealed that 61 percent of customers still reference the telephone as their preferred method of contact. Corporate customers and even the younger millennial demographic prefer to speak to a human being. And because customers have so many other ways to interact with brands today, by the time they seek human interaction, the stakes are higher than ever.

InMoment’s comprehensive Voice solution includes:

  • Speech-to-Text: Since 2011, InMoment has partnered with Voci, one of the most accurate audio language processing systems available, to transcribe voice comments in real-time. InMoment then applies its highly-tuned tuned analytics to surface the most critical information. This lightning-fast process coupled with branching logic allows InMoment to tailor questions on-the-fly to drill down for additional detail. The immediate nature of the speech-to-text and text analytics power real-time alerts, giving clients the ability to act quickly to address urgent opportunities.
  • Verbatims: With InMoment, clients can access verbatim voice recordings from real customer interactions. Hearing the nuances in the actual “voices” of customers is a powerful training and coaching tool.
  • Inbound and Outbound IVR: InMoment Voice solution includes all the traditional benefits of inbound and outbound IVR, coupled with InMoment’s text analytics, which powers on-the-fly drill-downs based on customer responses.
  • Service-to-Survey Routing: Whether customers are directly routed to a survey after a service call via Direct Inbound Dial (DID), or opt in for a call-back via IVR, InMoment offers comprehensive solutions for both scenarios. InMoment Voice gives agents rich and timely data to improve performance and ensures consistent service across the board. InMoment also enables pre- and post-call appending of customer and related data.
  • Cost-effective Pricing: InMoment developed and owns its own VoIP system and telephony architecture, allowing the company to pass significant cost savings along to clients.

“It has become common for vendors to recommend limited solutions to clients because their own technology does not support the full range of listening options,” continued John Sperry. “And while digital communication is vitally important, the personal connection found only in the human voice will always be central to the customer experience.”

For more information on InMoment Voice solutions, visit, or call 1-800-530-4251.



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