MarketingProfs InMoment Highlight: The Art and Science of Email Survey Invitations

Almost all marketers want to increase response rates to their email-based customer experience measurement programs, and the first step they take is usually to shorten the survey. However, that is often an ineffective method.

That’s because 90-95% of respondents who begin a reasonably sized CX survey will complete it, I’ve found. Also, most people who abandon a survey usually do so on the first page. Therefore, survey length is not what’s driving most of the abandonments.

A much more fruitful place to work on increasing response rates is the survey invitation process—because most nonresponses are the result of people never entering the survey at all.

Crafting email survey invitations is both an art and a science. To increase response rates, you need to make invitations as compelling as possible to the customer; there are both nontechnical (art) and technical (science) facets to doing so.

The following are suggestions for how to apply nontechnical and technical solutions to accomplish the invitation-related steps that lead to higher response rates.

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