News: Customer Experience Disconnects: 5 Steps to Creating the RIGHT Customer Experience

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Customer Experience is maturing. I rarely hear the phrase “customer service” anymore, and most business leaders know what acronyms like CX and VoC mean – without even Googling them.

However maturing is a verb that indicates a process, and doesn’t mean that we’ve completely grown up. In fact, we’re probably somewhere in our teenage years, which, just like that stage of human development, can be awkward and painful.

Over the last year I’ve seen an increasing number of news stories, blogs and social posts recounting customer experience initiatives gone awry. From awkwardly executed campaigns, to the imposition of “friendlier” lingo – customers are rolling their eyes, posting comments of incredulity, and poking fun in live broadcasts.

While I won’t name names, this is happening to customer experience newbies and more seasoned brands alike. Why are these good intentions being questioned, begrudged, even mocked?

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