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Reach a Broader Consumer Base with Live, On-Demand Translation Services

InMoment brings a unique combination of data, technology, and strategic intelligence to experience improvement. LanguageLine is the premier on-demand translation firm with offices in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pac. Together, InMoment and LanguageLine extend best-in-class experience improvement programs to all the communities and cultures you serve.

Capitalize on Demographics. Improve Accessibility.

Around the globe, millions of people speak something other than the national language at home. Today in the United States, one out of every five neighbors speaks a language other than English at home. That number rises to 25% in Australia. Over 200 languages are spoken in EMEA and language diversity is on the rise in many countries. In addition, roughly 5% of the global population is deaf or hard of hearing.

This diversity of language and communication ability is only going to grow. Organizations that recognize and act upon these cultural realities will stand the best chance of succeeding in the 21st century.

Listen, Understand and Transform Experiences for Non-English Speakers

Interpretation is available in more than 240 languages, including American Sign Language.

LanguageLine linguists are experts at capturing the meaning and emotion inherent in responses from diverse consumers.

LanguageLine can also adapt program elements such as surveys so that intent is understood within a cultural context.

The Leader in Interpretation Services

LanguageLine has the experience, team, and technology to convert the complexities of a linguistic landscape into a powerful experience improvement advantage for organizations. Founded in 1982, today LanguageLine is the largest provider of interpretation services and handles more than 40 million interactions each year. LanguageLine clients include customer- centric industry leaders in Healthcare, Utilities, Telecom, and Financial Services.

Enterprise Features and Scale

LanguageLine works with 30,000 North American clients and is a trusted partner to the Fortune 100.

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