2021 Digital Customer Experience Trends Report

Where were you on your digital customer experience roadmap at the beginning of 2020? Odds are, your brand has come a long way since then. Coronavirus forced businesses across industries to kick it into high gear, but is now the time to go “back to normal” and take your foot off of the gas?

Turns out, that’s exactly the opposite of what your customers want you to do. With customer expectations for digital experiences rising ever higher, InMoment’s Strategic Insights team collected over 2,000 responses across various industries in both Canada and the United States to understand:

  • Consumers’ Digital Expectations: What kinds of digital experiences do consumers require from brands to be more loyal and generally satisfied?
  • Consumers’ Digital Preferences: What specific actions do brands need to take to drive digital adoption for consumers?
  • Consumers’ Digital Journeys: What digital journey elements should brands adopt to differentiate themselves and drive higher market share?

You’ll find the answers you need to inform your digital strategy in this 2021 Digital Customer Experience Trends Report. Download here today!

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