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Spotlight is a web-based business intelligence application for analyzing and finding value in unstructured, semi-structured, and structured text documents such as comments, reviews, surveys, tickets, chat logs, transcripts, and more.

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Spotlight Technology Overview

Natural Language Processing Features

Sentiment Analysis

Entity Recognition


Theme Analysis

Intention Detection


Effort Detection

Emotion Detection

Enterprise-Grade Text Analysis

Integrate and analyze multiple feedback channels for trends and performance tracking

  • Evaluate success across locations, to replicate in underperforming sites. 
  • Determine necessary changes in messaging or response to fulfill audience needs. 
  • Monitor customer signals and respond accordingly to emotions, effort, and intent.
predictive software analytics - InMoment's Spotlight

Action-Oriented Impact Prediction

Establish priorities by analyzing key drivers and running predictive simulations

  • Identify the factors that drive stakeholder behaviors and desired outcomes (such as loyalty, retention, churn).
  • Prioritize key business drivers based on all available experience data. 
  • Determine next best actions and strategies to achieve desired results.

Highly Customizable for Greater Accuracy

Fully-tunable industry packs to broaden our strong foundation

  • Extend or revise topics to match your focus areas
  • Add business-specific entities
  • Build category taxonomies, include blocklists, and more 

Drive Executive and Stakeholder Engagement

Break down silos, eliminate blind spots, and foster better decision making

  • Share dashboard links
  • Export to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Download data in .csv or .json format for integration with BI or data analytics infrastructure.

Combined Technology and Services That Drive Outcomes

Our customers like doing business with us because we are customer obsessed

  • We meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.
  • Tailored program roadmaps to your needs.
  • Fastest issue resolution and continuous program improvement. 

Most-Powerful NLP Processing Engine

Our patented architecture enables us to process faster and more efficiently, passing the savings on to you:

  • Transparent pricing scales with you, at your pace, as your program flexes and your data needs evolve.
  • Efficient InMoment AI technology underpins Spotlight
  • Process huge amounts of data quickly for lower overall platform expense.

Spotlight enables us to categorize feedback and tell us where we are doing well and where we are falling short, whether it’s in customer service, online checkout, product quality or other areas of the business. If the sentiment for a particular category is strongly negative (or strongly positive), Spotlight enables our team to correct that action or focus on the positives for our internal teams.”

Tyler Saxey, Director Customer Experience, Foot Locker

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