Are You Listening Where Your Customers Are Talking?

The world of customer experience is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to sources of customer feedback. Searching one single channel—or even two or three— means barely breaking the surface of the resources available to you.

Today, the best Voice of Customer programs survey multiple channels such as web, voice, video, mobile, and many more to get the deepest and most informative insights possible. Check out the graphic below to see how your listening methods can invite insights from every possible CX venue!

omnichannel voice of customer data collection

Customers want to be engaged across both physical and digital forums, so it is essential to meet those customers in both places with the tools you need to listen. By engaging your customers on all channels, you are creating seamless interactions with your brand and positive customer experiences.

With InMoment’s platform, feedback from any customer on any channel are available in just one easy-to-use interface. To schedule a demo and get actionable insights from your customer data, click here!

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Meghan Mitton VP, Solutions Marketing

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