Launching a Voice of Franchisee (VoF) Program? Your Top Questions Answered by JAX Tyres & Auto and Craveable Brands

Earlier this year, InMoment hosted an XI Forum with two incredible speakers—both of whom run experience programs for franchisees. Steve Grossrieder, CEO of JAX Tyres & Auto, and Jess Gill, Chief Customer Officer for Craveable Brands, know exactly what it takes to keep franchisees inspired, and make sure experience programs stick across the organization. 

Here Are Your Questions Answered by the VoF Experts:

Expert #1: Steve Grossrieder, CEO and Managing Director at  JAX Tyres & Auto

Q: ​Your NPS at the franchise level is incredible. How do you train staff in the franchises to instill customer experience in all that they do, maximizing sales?

A: ​We hold best practice and networking sessions in each region with small groups of franchisees to discuss CX best practice and to show our main pain points and how to implement simple procedures to improve these. We also develop CX action plans for all stores under 75 NPS on a monthly basis which shows their detractor feedback analyzed, how they compare to the network and potential actions based on their individual insights to improve their NPS. Additionally, our service proposition is centered around our JAX inspection report—we focus our franchisees on this proposition to deliver our consumer promise to peace of mind driving and our sales naturally translate from identifying customer vehicle issues through the inspection process which is transparent and customer centric.

Q: ​How and what do you share with franchisees from a CX scoring perspective, and how frequently?

​All franchisees have access to their stores individual CX results including their stores NPS, channel performance, monthly comparison trend (compared to the network), as well as text analytics split by promoter, passive and detractor. They also have a case management section which shows customers who have asked to be contacted showing the JAX SLA time to review and resolve with the aim to retain their customers. 

Additionally, we share the monthly CX results via a monthly report and internal newsletter showing the ten highest and ten lowest scoring stores, top complaint trends and insights for that month as well as tips and best practices to implement to ensure a consistent experience across the network. We also have multiple digital screens displaying our CX results throughout head office (updated hourly) and our monthly NPS and a selection of customer feedback is displayed on our website and intranet for consumer and franchisee transparency.

Q: Please share more on how you managed to show a clear link between CX improvement and ROI or sales improvement? It’s often a challenge in many industries.

A: Initially this was a challenge; however we have been able to establish (with historical data) the clear link between a higher than average network NPS and the gross profit that these stores make above the network average. We now have clear examples of stores increasing their NPS and their increase in gross profit follows on with a two to three month lag period. NPS has now become a key gross profit lead indicator which we have demonstrated multiple times across the business and now do it store by store to promote culture change and customer centricity.

Expert #2: : Jess Gill, Chief Customer Officer at Craveable Brands (Oporto, Chicken Treat, Red Rooster)

Q: Which channels does Craveable Brands use to capture customer feedback? 

A: We use QR codes, email to loyalty customers, Digital Intercept (an InMoment application on the XI Platform empowering brands to capture real-time data from their website visitors) and customer panels.

Q: How do you win back your customer? How do you capture it? How do you let your customer know that your company is implementing their feedback? 

A: We win back customers by training staff (in person) that it is okay to own up to errors and to make them right, running our case management program. As for any feedback for the head office, that gets directed to the right people—for example, we made changes based on feedback to bring back our old nugget recipe, and we went back to each of those customers to let them know.

Q: How do you consider feedback through third party apps such as Menulog, Deliveroo, etc? 

A: Craveable Brands’ post-transaction survey asks about delivery partner feedback to feed back to them. The feedback collected by delivery partners remains separate from our VoC program today though we look to integrate to have one view down the track.

For more ideas on launching a successful voice of franchise program that actually benefits your business, check out our new paper:

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