What InMoment’s Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud Means for Marketers

Today InMoment announced its integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud, but what does it mean for marketers? The short answer is that integration presents an entirely new way to look at the customer experience (CX) and gain more intelligence than ever before.

Marketers have traditionally relied on acquisition, audience, behavioral, and conversion metrics to create customer segments and inform their efforts. While this tried-and-true method works to a point, the data provided from these sources is limited in what it can tell you.

The fact is that traditional marketing data can provide you with the “how,” “what,” and “where” customers are buying, but it can’t provide you with perhaps the most crucial piece of understanding: why your customers are—or aren’t—buying.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Kristi Knight, elaborated on this point when she said, “What [traditional marketing] datasets don’t tell you is why your customers are acting the way they are—the golden thread for marketers—and you can only understand customer motivation through feedback from the customers themselves.”

The InMoment integration with Adobe Experience Cloud provides the missing piece of the puzzle; it helps marketers understand the stories behind the numbers and move from metrics-based marketing to meaningful marketing.

By allowing them to tap into the data derived from customer feedback in tandem with their traditional marketing metrics, this integration through the InMoment Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform enables marketers to create more targeted and personalized segments and online experiences.  

Want to know more about how do we do it? Check out the market release to get the specifics on this first-of-its-kind integration!

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Meghan Mitton VP, Solutions Marketing

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