New CX Strategy White Papers, Webinar Now Available: Free Content Offers Tips on Building Effective Programs that Deliver Real ROI

  • CX Intelligence technology and thought leader InMoment publishes guides to optimize, monetize customer experience efforts

SALT LAKE CITY (March 28, 2018) — Cloud-based customer experience (CX) intelligence leader InMoment has published several new, free resources designed to help CX professionals create stronger initiatives, evolve existing programs, and make an undeniable financial case for customer experience to executives and other business leaders.

“Customer experience has received a lot of support in the past because of the intuitive sense that treating customers well is good for business,” said Andrew Park, VP CX Strategy at InMoment. “The problem with many organizations is that there’s been a lack of business discipline in implementing and running CX programs. Over the last year, we’ve seen some large brands defund initiatives, and a number of CX pros lose their jobs. It’s absolutely essential that companies stop treating CX as either a flavor-of-the-month or a magic wand and do the real work of connecting it to the larger mission and objectives of the business. Those organizations that deeply embed CX in these ways are the ones realizing not only differentiation through customer experience, but the significant bottom-line benefits that come along with that differentiation.”

All assets are free and available immediately for download. Descriptions and links below:

WEBINAR: How to Avoid Becoming Roadkill on Your CX Journey

Recent CustomerThink research revealed that just 7% of CX initiatives have created competitive differentiation. Only 23% have realized tangible benefits. Add it up, and less than one-third of CX initiatives can claim the clear “win” that CEOs are demanding. Tips in this webinar include:

  • How to break out of the “CX bubble” to move from chasing metrics to focusing on value creation that the CEO cares about.
  • Why a holistic CX strategy must be informed by the voice of customers across multiple channels and data sources. Surveys are not enough!
  • The critical job of hiring and empowering employees to truly make CX a way of life within your brand.
  • New research of the leading indicators of CX success, with examples of how leading brands have delivered value to customers and the business.

Click here to watch the on-demand webinar.  

WHITE PAPER: How to Plot a Sustainable Path to Customer Centricity

Building a customer experience (CX) strategy is like building a home, whether you’re starting from scratch or turning a fixer-upper into your dream home. While the entire process might take months or even years to complete, having a strategic vision for the end result is essential. White paper highlights include:

  • Real-world examples of best-in-class brands are doing when it comes to customer experience.
  • Five pillars for a strong CX foundation (including how to get CX-centric DNA).
  • Building a CX program that scales as you grow.
  • Creating easy-to-follow blueprint for developing your own CX strategy, no matter where you are in your CX program.

Click here to download white paper.

WHITE PAPER: The Danger of Data Silos

How you store your data matters. Ultimately, you want your customer data to be accessible so it can be analyzed and provide accurate insights that will optimize your customer experience. Unfortunately, if your data is stored in silos, it can provide a distorted view of your customer.

“The Danger of Data Silos” outlines the challenges data silos present and the benefits of a unified platform, including:

  • Lower operational costs
  • A CX program that scales as you grow
  • Holistic insights that inspire company-wide action

Click here to download white paper.

About InMoment

InMoment™, the leader in customer experience (CX) intelligence, arms enterprises with compelling insights to fuel high-value action and relationships with both customers and employees. The company’s industry-leading Customer Feedback Management platform leverages a proprietary, AI-based analytics engine to power a full suite of Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE) and Employee Experience technologies. InMoment provides innovative solutions and related support services to more than 350 leading brands across 95 countries. For more information, visit

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